Sling that (cheap) backpack

By Mir
January 24, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

LL Bean’s Thursday Morning Markdown today is this sling backpack, available in six different colors and 72% off at just $8.

This is not a pack for little kids—their recommendation is 15+. But it’s a great pack for a teen or, heck, even for you.

(The season of free shipping codes seems to have ended, but remember you get free shipping all the time if you have a Bean Visa. Shipping and handling is only $3.95, though, so don’t skip the deal on account of that.)


  1. Thanks mir…I found this deal on another site as well and they included the free shipping code: 1027000. Good deal!

  2. Sweet deal – and the free shipping code worked too! Thanks pretty Mir and pretty Kelly!

  3. Thanks, Kelly for the shipping code! I’m going against the recommendation and buying it for my 6 year old. The measurements didn’t make it seem too big. Please don’t call the backpack police!

  4. Great deal thanks. and thanks Kelly for the promo code. it worked for free shipping!

  5. Another awesome deal!
    My oldest is only 9. If he looks too big
    it will just go into my “deals closet” until he
    gets a little bit bigger. Backpacks never go out
    of style.

    Thanks Mir (and Kelly)!

  6. Great deal. I’ve been looking for a backpack to use as a toddler diaper bag. Thanks so much for the free shipping deal too.

  7. I’m so glad you mention these Thursday L.L. Bean deals, because I ALWAYS forget to check.

  8. Thanks, Kelly, for the shipping code. I was searching for one this morning with no luck. Perfect timing!

  9. The link is no longer working … boohoo for me!

  10. Dang…they’re sold out. 🙁 Oh well, on to the NEXT bargain. 🙂

  11. They are available again at 12.95, but be aware that they are wee. I couldn’t find a size earlier, but thought it would be fine for my teenager. How we laughed when we opened the package! I suppose it would be great for traveling when you are walking about and want to carry a few water bottles. Otherwise . . . perhaps the size would work well for a toddler!

    The size is listed at the bottom of the details page as approx 9 by 13 by 5 deep.

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