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By Mir
January 29, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Have a local Borders? Are you a member of their Borders Rewards club? If not, you should sign up—it’s easy, and it’s free, and it gets you neat little savings here and there, like the ability to use this 40% off one book coupon. (Applies to purchases over $20, some exclusions apply in the fine print, etc.) (But yay! Cheap books!)


  1. Oooh, yes. If you have the cashier scan your Borders card each time you make a purchase (even at the coffee bar), they tally up your purchases, and there are points and they keep changing the math — but basically you get some free money to spend at Borders if you collect enough points. I got my kids “The Dangerous Book for Boys” practically for free after all my points for the Hanukah shopping got counted up. We like free books!

  2. Also each time you buy and use your card they print out another nifty coupon right there at the cashiers. AND (this is big to me – well done Borders) if you have a multiple item discount, they take the discount of the HIGHEST price item (at least they did for me) which made me want to race back down the aisles and pick up that handy edition of the Oxford Unabridged Dictionary…

  3. Wish we had a Borders nearby. We have Barnes and Noble, and I hate them because they hawk their pricey membership at every opportunity. It makes me shop elsewhere just out of annoyance.

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