Now you can hug a tree with money left over

By Mir
February 5, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Are you, like me, trying to use more eco-friendly and chemical-free products, but still experiencing a little bit of heart failure when you sit down and compare the prices? It turns out that chemicals and additives are a lot cheaper than the other stuff. Hmph.

Each new month brings a new crop of Amazon Grocery deals, and in February so far my favorite one is this Natural and Organic special offer. Spend $59 on any qualifying combination of Tom’s of Maine, Kiss My Face, EO, Nature’s Gate, and Derma e products, and save $15 instantly with coupon code Feb8Natu. When you combine that with the items already marked down, you’re looking at the lowest prices I’ve seen on some of these choices.

Yes, you’re buying in bulk, and maybe you don’t need twelve sticks of deodorant right this second, but saving the world requires a little planning. (And good odor control.)


  1. we got a sample of the EO disposable wipes from a link you sent several months ago. They were great – a nice lavender smell rather than chemical. I love single-packaged wipes for packing with kid lunches/snacks.

    ‘cos you know they’re going to find a sink before they eat…

  2. Awesome! I’m linking this on my blog if you don’t mind.


  3. Here’s my answer to the robbery that is eco-marketing:
    A 10 lb bag of baking soda from Costco, a gallon jug of vinegar, and a gallon bottle of Dr. Bronner’s castille oil soap, preferably on sale. I use these three ingredients to clean just about everything in my house. And it’s pretty darn clean, if I do say so myself.

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