Star Date: Quarter past the sci-fi geek

By Mir
February 6, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Oh, I kid. I wouldn’t think you were a total geek for picking up the complete Stargate SG-1 collection on DVD for just $114.95. I mean, that’s a really good deal. And if you like Stargate SG-1, you’re not gonna do better than that.

If you start dressing up in uniform, though, I reserve the right to taunt you mercilessly. Just sayin’.


  1. This is such a great series!

  2. Dang. We just finished the series this past week and were attempting to find it online to buy for a good price, but it appears to be out for now. We’ll keep checking back at DD, as we always do, but I’m not hopeful for such a great price again. Wow.

    Quick question: How good is Deep Discount on returns? I’ve been hearing that a lot of these sets have missing or scratched/unplayable DVDs, so I am just wondering about my options (if I am able to snag one in the future.)


  3. Oh, Mir, how you tempt me. It’s gone, now. *cries*

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