If you have expensive taste or lots of feet

By Mir
February 7, 2008

This sort of promotion cracks me up, but then I have to remind myself that just because it doesn’t necessarily work for me doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be good for you. Anyway. Endless wants you to know that through March 24th, 2008, you’ll automatically get $20 off your $80 order of Western Chief or Chooka Rainwear on Endless.com. Maybe you have a lot of boots to buy. Or you’re a nicer mom than I am and actually buy your kids the matching rainboots/umbrella/rainjacket ensembles that my kids always wanted but I was too cheap to buy them. Or you really dig those Chooka boots which cost so much money you have to wonder if they have diamonds in the soles.

Anyway, now you know. Happy, um, rain-gear-buying.

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  1. I got those from Amazon when they went on ridiculous sale (about $5 a pair) and I have to say I would never pay full price for them, but they are darn cute! And both boys have loved them, happily clomping all over with them.

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