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By Mir
February 9, 2008
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It’s a gorgeous day outside, and my children are watching cartoons in their pajamas. Yep—must be Saturday!

Need a webcam for your notebook? Get this Logitech QuickCam from for a bottom-line price of just $10 after the $30 mail-in rebate. (Compare to the higher price at Amazon, where the reviews are largely favorable.)

Overstock’s weekend coupon is 5% off your entire purchase through that there link. Keep in mind that it doesn’t apply to their media items. 10% off jewelry and watches is still going on, too.

Throughout the month of February, every $50 you spend at Home Decorators Outlet gets you $10 to spend later, which is pretty exciting, except that their stuff is so cheap I’m generally hard-pressed to spend over $50 there, anyway. Maybe you need to furnish a house or something. Heh.

Need other home stuff? Take 10% off your $50+ order at Domestications using coupon code D8B10AFF through the end of February.

Through Valentine’s Day, take 50% off your purchase with coupon code PICTURE. They’re also still doing the bonus de La Flowers 25% off certificate with every purchase. $25 of dining and 25% off flowers for a mere $5? It’s a cheapster’s delight. They should totally call it that.

Wasn’t someone asking about a good universal remote, the other day? Check out this Logitech Harmony 550 Universal Remote at Amazon—currently 62% off at $49.99, with great reviews. (Not that that would stop me from losing it in the couch, but maybe you’re less of an idiot than I am.)

I’m off to fix scrambled eggs and toast, as I’ve been informed is my station in life. (It’s not a bad station, all things considered, actually….)


  1. I know what you mean about Home Decorators’ Outlet — I love their deals. $50? Kind of hard to spend that much.

  2. I have a Logitech remote and it works reasonably well, but I do wish some of the keys were shaped differently. I have to make the buttons “glow” before I can do anything in the dark, even with a pretty good physical memory of where things are on a remote.

  3. Domestications coupon code doesn’t apply to some (all?) clearance items. 🙁

  4. Someone needs to make a remote control that helps you find it when it’s lost, like those things you can put on your keyring and it makes a noise when you whistle or clap your hands. I mean, they make cordless phones that have the page button thing on the base in case it gets lost, so why can’t they do that for a remote control?

  5. To Cyndi: Actually, I have a remote that has a “finder.” It’s got a little battery operated button that you can velcro to the side of your TV (so it doesn’t get lost–they’re pretty smart cookies). When you lose the remote, push the button, the remote starts beeping.

  6. Ooohhh, JB, where do I get one?

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