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By Mir
February 11, 2008
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Puritan's PrideCredit for this deal goes to my mother, who called me this weekend to remind me (amongst other things) to take my vitamins. Because I am always on top of such things, I responded, “I’m supposed to be taking vitamins?”

Through February 17th, 2008, buy 2 and get 3 free, plus get $1 shipping, at Puritan’s Pride. They sell vitamins. And minerals. And supplements. And aromatherapy. Seriously, they’ve got it all. So says my mom, and believe you me, when she talks you should listen.

Go stock up. At these prices, they’re practically paying you.


  1. These are very good quality vitamin supplements for cheap. I wait for the “buy 2, get 3 free” deals (they have them fairly often) and then if I score cheap shipping – all the better.
    Women of all ages…. think Folic Acid. Fights birth defects AND dementia.
    Have gotten great tips and buys from “Wantnot” – Keep up the good work.

  2. June is right, these are *very* high quality vitamins, and Puritan’s Pride tells me that they make all their own, nothing imported from, er, you-know-where.

    But if you can wait, in late spring or early summer, PP usually has a buy one get two free sale – that’s three for the price of one. It’s the best deal possible, and happily, it’s on the best vitamins.

    (I don’t work for PP, I’m just a very happy customer.)

  3. This is too far down for people to notice, but here it is anyway:

    Puritan’s rocks. They often have several sales going on at the same time. You can save 70% on Puritan brand products through 4/3, with shipping is $1 through 2/17.

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