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By Mir
February 11, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

So, you probably know that Brylane Home does any number of coupons for various things throughout the year. They almost always have something floating around for free shipping or a percentage off or whatever. Anyway, right now you can use coupon code BHSEW4U to get a free Mini Rex sewing machine with your order! (You can read the reviews over at Amazon.)

Shipping is based on the order total, and the sewing machine isn’t counted towards that, so if you buy something small you’re looking at potentially paying under $10 delivered (shipping starts at $4.99).

This won’t replace a real sewing machine, but for quick fixes or a little machine for your kid to start using, it’s ideal. And the fact that it’s free doesn’t hurt, either.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I needed some couch pillow covers and found 2 I loved for $4.99 a piece, which I thought was a good deal! I got them shipped, plus the sewing machine, for $14.97. Can’t beat that!

    I can’t wait to try the little sewing machine. I have a full sized one but I haven’t even had it out since having children — too scary to think what they will do to do it (and let’s admit it – I’m too lazy). I can’t wait to use this little one – it will be great for quick hem jobs, and I”m thinking good for scrapbooking as well.

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