I dunno who he is, but I like his stuff

By Mir
February 12, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Do you know who Rick Bayless is? I don’t. (Should I?) Oh, wait; apparently he’s some famous chef. Whoops. Okay, well, he has some neat things on sale at Amazon right now.

This bean pot is 63% off, just $14.99. My beans all come in cans, but I hear a pot is good, too.

This pepper roasting griddle is 67% off, just $19.99. I never knew you were supposed to have an entire item devoted just to roasting peppers, but again, what do I know.

And the best of the lot: This mezzaluna and wood bowl are gorgeous—perfect as a gift for friends who love to cook, and/or who are into eco-friendly products—and just $8.98 (85% off!).

Now I have a craving for guacamole.


  1. OMG, Rick Bayless is a culinary hero for me. If you find yourself in Chicago, make sure to stop by his restaurants for an incredible meal.

    Pick up one of his salsas, add some shredded chicken, and there’s a fast dinner for you. Or this past Sunday’s lunch.

    All of his books are on my shelf. Love the sale on his products.

    And his guac is the best I’ve had.

  2. I love Rick Bayless, and my next boy will have Bayless for a middle name (my first boy has Ramsay for a middle name – also a famous chef).

    Anywhoo Rick Bayless has the best “cooking” show called Mexico One Plate at a Time. It totally got me hooked on Mexican food.

    I am so sad that Amazon.com does not shop to Canada (because I want that stuff!).

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