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By Mir
February 12, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Remember when I saw the giant remote at JC Penney? And we laughed and laughed, because, how silly?

Today’s deal at Woot! is a two-pack of ’em for $7.99. You know, one for you to control the television, and one to use as a serving tray. Or whatever.


  1. Stunning Mir,
    Because you don’t have any teenagers living at your house yet, you don’t realize how easy a remote is to lose. You also don’t realize that losing the remote to a television is a great reason to have a major hormone infused teenage meltdown while throwing pillows and chair cushions around the room in order to find the lost remote. Thus, the extra large remote, which Mr 18’s grandparents ordered for him as a Christmas gift this year after watching said meltdown. So far, we have avoided any more meltdowns! Three cheers for the extra large remote!
    PS Now miss 9 thinks she needs one too. What a stunning accessory for my living room, no?

  2. I got one similar to these a while back for my mother, who was always complaining about the tiny and overly complex buttons on her TV remote. It was half a joke and half serious but she loooooooved it. No more complaints about finding the right button, that’s for sure.

  3. We have a two-pack like this sitting in the den waiting to be opened. My visually impaired teenager loves it. It doesn’t get lost like the smaller one does!

  4. When my husband and I were at my parents’ house at Christmas, my dad was complaining about my mom losing the remote all the time. (And, true to form, we had no remote the entire time we stayed.) So I got the one at Penney’s for my parents and had it shipped down to their local store as a joke. My dad thought it was funny and my mom got mad (at first) but then quickly got over it when she realized that she would have to try harder to lose THAT remote.

    I only wish we had gotten in on the woot! deal, since we could have ordered two for the price we paid for one. (We would have given the other to my husband’s grandma. *laughs* She’s always complaining about the tiny buttons on the remote.)

  5. I’m so thrilled about this. I almost bought two at the Penney’s sale, but I missed the boat. My husband sold me on the idea when I sent him the link as a joke. He said, “Just think, we’ll never have to say the words,’are you sitting on the remote?’ again!”
    Looking forward to such a blissfull future with my husband.

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