Friday at last

By Mir
February 15, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Oh my pretties, I know I haven’t done all I could for you, this week. Perhaps next week I shall tell my family and other obligations to just leave me alone! I have bargains to find! Or maybe not. But possibly I’ll be less busy, and we’ll have more deals. We’ll see.

In the meantime, we’ll always have the Amazon Friday Sale.

Need some cheap CD-Rs? Or—at a slightly less impressive price, but probably a better item—some DVD-Rs?

Personally, if I’m going to spend $95 on a tool, I expect it to come with a nice whirring sound, but supposedly this Leatherman is the cream of the crop (and a decent price). Whatever.

This Rubbermaid Closet Kit keeps going on sale, and it has a 5-star rating. This may be the lowest I’ve seen it.

This is something like the 7th week in a row that this musical cake cutter has been in the Friday Sale. I am afraid.

Get organized! These Rubbermaid products are all 77% off and have free shipping regardless of order size: the Wrap N Craft gift organizer ($6.99), the ribbon holder ($3.49), and the horizontal wrapping station ($4.49).

This Waring double coffeepot would be perfect for a small office. (Or a home office. One pot for each hand!)

There’s multiple varieties of these Weil bars on big sale this week. I’ve never had them, but they’re organic, kosher, and vegan—if you’re needing any or all of that—and isn’t Andrew Weil the guy who’s always telling us how to live forever? (Of course, in his version, I doubt bacon is allowed. And who wants to live without bacon?)

Enjoy your Friday, everyone!


  1. Mir…what are you talking about!! The Disney shopping spree was great. Cute…sleeping bags for 12.99….I already stocked up for xmas! how wrong is that! =)
    It works when you shop in the outlet and in the store…all the items go into one cart!

  2. And Woot Off! Today! More deals!

  3. And whose closet would EVER look like that?

  4. That cake cutter? Something is strange in the world. Very strange. Serving utensils just aren’t supposed to sing.

  5. This has been a crazy week for my family, too. Thanks for everything, even in spite of your busy life!

  6. Wow, I stalled this morning on buying the ribbon holder, then just went back for it and it’s up to $11.95 – guess Amazon sold out of theirs and you can only get it from a marketplace seller. Oh well, that means I didn’t “need” it… I am still slightly regretting not getting the breadmaker last week, too. Maybe next time…

  7. Jamie- I’m regretting that bread maker, too, darn it!

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