The ultimate kiddie art table

By Mir
February 16, 2008

I am actually feeling a big of a pang that my children are probably too big for this. Then again, I realize they’re also too big to “accidentally” draw on the walls, and suddenly I’m much better.

Anyway, check out this Alex Super Art Table that’s half-off at One Step Ahead. (Great reviews—albeit a much higher price!—at Amazon.) Their sale price is $89.95, and shipping will run right around $22, but you can use coupon code BDAYFBRY for 15% off to help offset that.

Certainly nothing to pick up on a whim, but if you’d been wanting such a thing, the price is right.


  1. We’ve had this table for 3 years now. It’s well worth the money. It gets used in one way or another every single day.

  2. I just saw that you also get a free subscription to Cookie or Family Fun Magazine if you buy this table! (Sometimes you can mail these in for a rebate instead also!)

  3. I bought this thanks to the wise and wonderful Mir, and it is SO worth the money. It’s been the center of the Toddler universe for six days now. I fully credit it for three showers and two cooked dinners, that’s how good of a job it’s doing of keeping the tiny tornado entertained.

    Thanks, Mir!

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