Celebrate Presidents Day. . . in your kitchen

By Mir
February 18, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, Amazon is having a Kitchen and Home 48-hour sale. It’s not cheap shoes, but there might be a few goodies to pique your interest.

For example, this WaveStation blender is 40% off and perfect for margaritas smoothies!

And the Rick Bayless stuff I posted last week has gone down again—the bean pot is down to $9.99 and the pepper roaster griddle is down to $14.99. If you were waffling, it might be time to buy, and if you already bought, be sure to submit for your refund.

This Matfer Exopat baking sheet is down to just $8.99, plus it’s eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion. (That’s a whole lotta cookies that will never stick to your pan. Just sayin’.)

I sort of love these urban picnic dishes. I don’t know why. And they’re only 25% off, but they’re part of the 4-for-3 promotion. That’d be a really cool wedding gift for people whose tastes run to the quirky, though.

The reviews are very mixed, but if you’re willing to chance it, there’s 410 thread count king sheets for under $13.

Ready to start shopping for summer? No? But… but… gazebo!! (You know that’s one of my favorite words to say. Try it. I swear it’ll cheer you up.)


  1. How do you submit for a refund, (price adjustment?). This would have come in handy at Christmas.

  2. Gazebo?!? I thought it was a casino!!!

  3. If you’re unsure about the Exopat mats, just buy them already! You won’t regret it!

  4. Thanks, Mir! I got those DVD-Rs that you posted on Friday, since they were listed again for this 48 hour sale.

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