Big sale on babies and kids

By Mir
February 20, 2008

Er, I mean on clothes for babies and kids, of course. They are not actually selling babies and kids. I think.

Anyway, over at Old Navy there’s tons on sale in the sections for the little people in our lives, and as much as I want to dislike them for all the hoochie clothing they put out for Juniors, their kids’ stuff is actually pretty cute, and affordable.

Flat rate $5 shipping, regardless of order size, too. That’d be a real bargain if you were buying a kid, huh?


  1. Buyer beware though, I have had mixed luck with the quality of their kids clothes. I’ve had pants snaps fall off in the dryer and some seams come apart.

  2. I found the same thing with the quality of the children they sell. It appears they tend to sell children who ‘slightly irregular’ I think they tend to poop, throw-up, and need more expensive glasses and accessories than full price babies.

    Oh, wait — I didn’t buy MY baby from Old Navy — he just came that way naturally.

  3. LOL @ Patricia… Thanks for the laugh!

  4. It would be nice if I could just swing by and pick up a baby 40% off at Old Navy. Oh well, I got some really cute clothes for Bear there this weekend.

  5. I got a lot of cute stuff there the other day as well. It was really fun to be able to buy spring/summer things at 40% off and it be on the new stuff not stuff that is on clearance that I buy for the next year. 🙂
    As for the quality…I haven’t had any problems with their stuff in 5 years. And even still, the prices are worth it. I mean I bought shirts for like $3 and $4 each.

  6. Of course, I found two dresses on sale for me! 🙂 My kids are on the opposite end of normal in that they seem to get almost two seasons out of their clothes (except pants for the oldest), so I hesitate to buy them too much for summer when a lot of what they had at the end of last summer (who am I kidding – Fall! since we live in AZ) may still fit them pretty well this year. The oldest is especially thin, so as long as length is not an issue, he doesn’t seem to outgrow the waists of things. But shopping for me, no problem!

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