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By Mir
February 21, 2008
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One of the things I love about Boscovs is that they have a lot of sales. One of the things I hate about Boscovs is that shipping is a flat $9 no matter what you buy, so when you find something awesome for a couple of bucks… well, not so awesome once you pay for shipping, right?

Anyway. They have a variety of 16-piece, service for 4 dinnerware sets available for just $9.97 apiece. So that’s tableware for 4 for $18.97… or for 8 for just $28.94… or for 12 for $38.91, shipped. Not bad.

Here’s some of the choices:

Multi Band 16 Piece Dinnerware Set
Stripes 16 Piece Set
Blue Band 16 Piece Dinnerware Set
Flora Calica 16 Piece Set
French 16 Piece Set

Buy two or three of those babies and $9 shipping starts to look like a real deal….

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  1. Mir, there is a note about extra shipping for these dishes, it says:

    “This item requires UPS Heavy Delivery. For further information, click below on Delivery Choices & Costs.

    When ordering multiples of this item, additional shipping fees will be charged. Before levying such charges, we will contact you with the proposed amount of the charge. If you do not want to accept the surcharge, we will cancel your order without any penalty to you.”

    I clicked the link for Delivery Choices and Costs and it looks like it might cost $19.00 for shipping on any number of sets. But that second paragraph above leaves them wiggle room to charge more, I think.

    I do like that they will give you a chance to cancel if you don’t agree with the charges. And some of these dishes are such a great price it would be worth a higher shipping charge anyway!

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