I nuked this post once already

By Mir
February 22, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

By accident, you understand. I’d spent 45 minutes going through the Amazon Friday Sale and then in a moment of sheer stupidity hit the wrong button—the back button on my browser, when I thought I was hitting enter in the text input box!—and *poof*! Post all gone!

Hopefully that’s the worst thing that will happen to me today. Now you get the abbreviated version, I’m afraid.

Pyrex is on sale again, and eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion. I switched over to Pyrex and chucked my plastic containers a few months ago. I love it. No more throwing away containers that got mangled in the dishwasher.

Need a filler? How about a fancy flyswatter?

Raaaaawr! Or—if you prefer flats—maybe these? (Don’t forget to pricematch at Endless!)

The original version of this post had a joke about heated toilet seats which I am now too grumpy to recreate. Please make up your own. (Ditto for this Lawn Hog, although the former really is a joke, while the latter is a pretty good deal if you need a mower.)

Ways to make your dog hate you: Here and here.

If you really, really, really like this white tea, it’s not only 65% off, but has a special $10 discount with coupon code TEAFUN22 available for when you spend $29+, so you could potentially fill your entire house with it for about $5. I’m only exaggerating a little. (Here’s all of the eligible Celestial Seasonings tea if you’d like a little more variety.)

This is an incredible deal on a heavy-duty CHI flat iron if you’ve been looking for one.

I don’t know who would’ve paid $50 for this Mickey Mouse watch, but for $14.99 I sort of think it’s cute.

And now I’m going to hit “publish” before I do something else moronic and lose this post, too. Heh.


  1. Please don’t let the $700 price tag on the heated toilet seat scare you off. You can get it USED. Ew!

  2. I, too, have ditched plastic in favor of Pyrex thanks in part to your posts. My new problem, how to store lots of these shiny new glass containers in a small space without having them stick together. I can only separate them under running water and in the South it seems a bad idea to run all that water just to release my storage. Any better ideas?

  3. Thanks! Doug will love that Piratology book but I needed something else to get free shipping. We’ll be sleeping great for the next year with 2 cases of Sleepytime Tea (YUMMY!) And at about 1/4 what I pay for it at the grocery.

  4. Sherri, put a piece of paper towel between the pieces of Pyrex. Works for me!

  5. Oooooh those shooooooes. Love them.

  6. Yes, paper towels between the pyrex works – OR coffee filters – which hold up a little better…

  7. Roar? I’d be more like trip, fall flat, break nose… urgh. I think I’ll stick to the Pyrex and the flyswatter.

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