Thinking of splurging on an iPod Touch?

By Mir
February 26, 2008
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You know that I’m generally going to direct you to the actual Apple Store for your Apple products; they’re the experts, and prices generally aren’t too much lower, elsewhere. Amazon does occasionally have iPod deals, though.

This one is a doozy: Buy a 32 GB iPod Touch and get a 2nd generation 1 GB iPod Shuffle for free! You’re simply not going to be able to top that at the Apple Store. (Note that the Touch is $5 over Amazon’s price at Apple, plus you’d pay shipping, and of course there’s no free Shuffle offered, there.)

Of course, if you don’t want/need the Shuffle, this isn’t the deal for you. But if you’ve been waffling about getting a Touch and have a gym bag or child who wants their own iPod… maybe this is your opportunity.


  1. …maybe it’s just me, but I can’t imagine spending $500 on an ipod w/ just 32G of space when you can get an 80G Classic for less than half that.

    I know it’s cool, but dang. $250 more for half the space cool??

  2. We have a touch and I have to be honest, it’s awesome. I don’t even care about the smaller storage. Really, it’s just that cool and it does a lot of fun things. I say it’s worth it. It makes me that much more excited to get an iPhone when they release a 3G one this year. To be able to have all the things that the touch offers and have it double as a phone? It’s way too convenient not to love it!

  3. overstocks has been having good prices on iPods, too – I used their weekender coupon to finally snag one. Er, another one – I had the original, but it finally failed.

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