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By Mir
February 27, 2008
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I’m starting to suspect that Lillian Vernon is always having some sort of “Big Sale,” but that’s okay, I suppose, because I am not one to turn down bargain prices. Still, you’d think they could mix it up a bit. This one could be the Big Sale, and the next one could be the Kinda Medium Sale. Later, they can have the Gigantic Sale, and sure, maybe not a lot of people will hop over for the Small Sale, but you never know.

(Yeah, there’s a reason I’m not in marketing….)

Anyway, there’s a couple of available coupons that are expiring at the end of February (Friday!), so I just thought I’d mention that. Use coupon code 438830900 to take 20% off your $75+ order; or use 567860100 to take 10% off of $60+, 15% off of $70+, or 20% off of $80+.

Happy savings!


  1. For what it’s worth, the reason for all the sales is probably the following:

    “Lillian Vernon files for bankruptcy
    February 21, 2008

    On February 19, Lillian Vernon filed for Chapter 11 protection in the District of Delaware…In the mean time, Lillian Vernon will ‘continue to operate as long as it possibly can,’ Muoio said.”

  2. Oh, I had no clue they filed for bankruptcy!

  3. I remember when FAO Schwartz filed for BK, I had ordered something and it was damaged, but they couldn’t give me my money back because of the BK filing. I had to choose something else from their stock as a replacement, which I didn’t really want. So, I feel like we should beware if we need to return something to LV, the same thing might happen.

  4. Having just left a company that went through bankrupcy, the issue with a refund from FAO may have been the date you ordered your item from them. Any cash issues relating to a purchase made before the bankruptcy filing date, we couldn’t do anything about because those were all under the judge. If there was a purchase after the filing date, though, we still had control of that money and could do something about it if the customer had an issue. YMMV, though, I have no idea if that’s the case if you buy something from Lillian Vernon.

  5. I live in little Delaware (where most of the BIG companies are incorporated) so it was in the news here last week. It was the same day as Sharper Image filed, actually.

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