Haaaaaappy Leap Day!

By Mir
February 29, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, it’s February 29th, and that means that you should do something special today. (It only happens every 4 years, so why not?) Of course, a good place to start would be the Amazon Friday Sale.

I don’t know what a normal person needs a Dremel kit for, but my husband assures me that it’s important. So important, in fact, that one year he got two for Christmas. Now he can be like Edward Scissorhands… er, Dremelhands… um, clearly I have no idea where I was going with this.

Likewise, I’m sure I’m supposed to understand why this Leatherman Surge is a great deal at $58, but all I see is a grown-up boy scout pocketknife. Oh well.

I’ve often considered buying one of these car jump-starters because it seems like such a great idea. Then I remember that I’ve only ever had a dead battery once in my entire life. But if you live and/or drive out in the middle of nowhere regularly, 47% off is sort of tempting.


Here’s a deal on a full size memory foam. (In theory I love the idea of memory foam, but in practice I can’t help feeling that it’s simply space-age quicksand.)

Hey, I think I found the world’s fanciest rice cooker!

Ummmm… ewwwwwww?

(Bonus Leap Day goodness: Orders of $29+ get free shipping over at Linens N Things from 12 – 4 p.m. EST today only.)

Have a fabulous Leap Day, my friends. I plan to celebrate the day by pretending I’m still 29, myself….


  1. And happy birthday to my son! He’s 1, or 4, or whatever.

  2. The Chocolate Milk Body Wash–do you put it on and lick it off yourself like a cat does?

  3. Always wondered how those born on Feb 29 worked things – do you just celebrate on Feb 28 for 3 out of every 4 years? Then on leap years do you get to celebrate twice, on your usual birthday and your real birthday? I’d totally be milking that one for extra presents if I was a kid! 😉

  4. Today is hubby and I’s anniversary, too! 16 or 4 years, your choice :). When you plan your wedding and move 1,800 miles away in 60 days, you take the date you can get both the ceremony and reception site. But now, I think it’s kind of fun, too.

  5. I ran into a lady at work the other day whose daughter is a Leap Year Baby who is turning 40 this year. Her friends are throwing her a 10year-old’s birthday, complete with gifts any 10 year-old would love, and a picture cake of the birthday girl when she was 10. I thought that was way cool!

  6. Happy Leap Day Mir!

    (And the men in my life swear by Dremel tools too.)

  7. Bwah at Edward Dremelhands.

  8. A whole extra day for shopping this year and Amazon has NOTHING that I NEED to buy?

  9. Very fancy pedicures often involve Dremel tools. If Otto’s got a spare, perhaps you should investigate the possibilities.

  10. Who says you have to be “normal” to want a Dremel? From what I hear, they’re good for drilling holes in things like shells and beads and pearls, which means I neeeeeeeeeeeed a Dremel! Maybe not the one listed here, but wouldn’t that be nice? 😀

  11. Hubby here loves his Dremel — he has used it for so many things I’ve lost count.

  12. Growing up my Dad used his Dremel when we built ginger bread houses out of graham crackers every Christmas. You’d be ASTOUNDED the kinds of things that man built. We’re talking scale replicas of cathedrals, people.

    But I’m pretty sure that was the only time I’ve seen him use it, every Christmas.

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