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By Mir
March 4, 2008
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Mmmmm… Matt Damon. I’ve always sort of thought of Matt Damon as “that kid from Good Will Hunting,” and it didn’t occur to me until fairly recently that he’s not, you know, a teenager anymore. He’s grown up quite yummy, in fact.

(What, honey? Oh, nothing! I’m just talking to my friends about movies!)

Psssst—let’s keep my opinions about Matt Damon quiet, okay? Thanks.

Anyway, if you enjoy the cinematic masterpieces that are (yummy Matt Damon) the Bourne movies, check it out: You can pick up the entire Bourne trilogy at Amazon right now for just $29.99. The only catch? It’s on HD-DVD, so if you don’t have an HD player, this isn’t the deal for you. (There are lots of HD-DVD packs on big sale, in fact, owning to the fact that Blu-ray is taking over the market. But if you already have a player, you may as well have some movies, right?)


  1. My husband actually bought the third movie for me, but I would absolutely love to have all of him…. I mean them, the movies! Yeah, the movies, that’s it.

    I wonder if Amazon has the non-HD, non-Blu-ray version….

  2. What a coinky-dinky, my thoughts about Matt Damon have also just recently morphed from “Good-Will-Hunting-Kid” to “Hey, yummy”!

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