Well, yes, that’s a lot of paper

By Mir
March 4, 2008
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Sometimes buying in bulk is a great way to save, and sometimes buying in bulk is… too bulky. (See? See what I did there…?)

But this is one place where it pays to have friends. I mean, it’s possible that you are not interested in having 5 cases of Office Depot Brand Premium Multipurpose Paper where buying 4 cases nets you the 5th for free, because a case is 10 reams and I get that you may not actually need (or have storage for) 50 reams of paper. Okay. But if you have four friends who also want cheap paper? That’s a case apiece, delivered, for under $40 each.

Wait! It gets better! There’s also a $30 off $150 coupon available, and it appears the two can be combined. Just go through the first link, add your paper (coupon will appear automatically), and then go through the second link to check out. My total after tax was around $30/box.

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  1. Um, Mir….I buy paper by the case all the time — since I run my business out of my house. I do buy mine at either Office Depot or Costco — but I bought a case of paper this past weekend for $26 and change. That was without having to buy 4 more cases.

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