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By Mir
March 5, 2008
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Hi! My name is Mir, and I am a glow-in-the-dark white woman.

(“Hi, Mir!”)

I don’t believe in tanning—real or fake—but occasionally I do like to go without pantyhose without blinding my fellow humans. And so I’m more than a little intrigued by things like this Jergens Natural Glow lotion which claims to darken your skin just a little. Is it true? I have no idea, but that there link will get you a free sample to test it out for yourself.


  1. Yes, it’s true!! I am a fellow glow-in-the-dark white woman of northern European heritage. Fair and freckly and prone to skin cancer. I can attest to the fact that the Jergens tanning lotion is a pretty good product, having used it for the last several summers with good results.

    I only ever use the stuff for Fair skin and when it’s applied evenly it does give a nice light tan. I still look pale compared to lots of leathery other folks, but it’s tan for me.

    Also, it’s NOTHING like it’s ancient predecessor, QT, which left skin and hands a lovely shade of orange. I speak from personal prehistoric experience.

  2. Agreed- this is good stuff! : ) (from an Irish girl)

  3. I too am a believer in the natural glow, being of Irish descent (fair skinned and freckly). I used the fair stuff last summer and really liked it.

  4. I will issue this warning, the first time you use it it will look great and not smell. The second time you start getting that funky fake tanner smell. The third time you will wonder all day who smells and then realize it is you.

    So I have heard.

  5. Hi Mir – I too am faired skinned. (However I like the ‘glow-in-the dark’ reference, might have to use that..haha) The lotion does work and you do get the gradual ‘tan’ color. As dcfullest says, there is a smell after a couple uses. Sometimes I can’t get over that, so I’ll stop using it for awhile, go back to ‘glowing…’ and then try it again. I wonder if after it dried, applying another lotion (nice scent) over top would help or if it would just blend scents and be nasty?

  6. Jergens is great but smells like bad feet. Dove has a new line of glow-y products.. the name of which I cannot remember now.. that smell MUCH better and still give the same effect.

  7. HMMM – I am in the minority, as I think it looks a bit orange. It definitely left my palms orange, so be certain to wash ASAP after applying. I just have yet to find any *glow* lotion that looks natural.

  8. Never tried the stuff, although I’m in the glow in the dark category. My best friend says Bath and Body Works carries a good product.

    Aside: The faces on those 2 women on the link look like plastic robots.

  9. Yes, but they’re plastic robots with a *tan*.

  10. I used the Jergens for a while. It clogged my pores and did smell funny. I like the Dove stuff much more. But it’s definitely worth a free sample!

  11. Re: the smell, the “firming” variety smells a WHOOOOLE lot better than the original. I also find it best if I apply every other day rather than every day.

  12. Three applications and I had the same color it took me all last summer to get – without the damaging effects. If you wear sandals or flip flops, just dont forget to do the tops of your feet and ankles (sparingly, of course.)

  13. My sister swears by this stuff….I cannot wait to give it a try! She never meantioned a bad smell…we shall see.

    Thanks for the heads up!!

  14. I’m half Russian/Dutch. I have literally yet to meet someone as fair skinned/ dark haired as myself. I’ve tried tanners, including this. It doesn’t smell as much as traditional lotions, but you will stink. It’s not as fake looking as some tanners, but you can still tell. No matter how long you wait for it to dry, eventually you are going to have some white clothes/bras with brownish orange steaks on the inside.

    I’ve decided to stop fighting nature, to use sunblock liberally, and wear colors that compliment my skin tone instead.

  15. I think it looks orange-y, too….but that’s probably because my skin is so white-white-white. People comment on it all the time — something along the lines of “How can you live in the sunbelt and be so pale? Don’t you ever go out?” I want to smack them.

    Oops, sorry – stuck-in-your-craw day was on your other blog!!

  16. I’m fair and freckly, and have used Jergens especially on my lower legs so as not to blind all the nice people who happen upon me in skirts. (Stockings are for work only.)

    I used this for a whole summer and it did help some. Hubby admitted he thought it was “a tad orange, but not bad”. Since it was all the way down on my legs, I don’t remember being offended by the smell… I think I’ll check out that Dove stuff next, though.

  17. I haven’t tried it myself, but I met up with my neighbor who was looking particularly gorgeous. I asked if they’d been anywhere exotic, and she laughed and said the tan from from a tube–Jergens. I would never have guessed she wasn’t sun-kissed.

  18. I can’t get over the smell and it did leave me looking a tad orange. Will have to try the Dove stuff.

  19. I really like the Dove, but, seeing as my skin is SO white, I felt like I had to use is only a couple of days out of a week to avoid going to fake-dark too fast. I also found that when applied to ankles it turns more orange (maybe it’s my seriously dry skin) and if it touches deodorant it turns green. The smell is pretty good, though, and it never bothered my sensitive skin.

  20. Having 2 kids now I don’t expect to get much time to sun-bathe this summer so I’m really looking forward to trying this! I’ve tried some (read: a lot!) stuff in the past and have never seen a result. I’m not super-fair skinned, but not dark either so I generally go with the medium skin tone products. Maybe they just don’t work well on those who are already slightly-tanned looking?

  21. I am so pale that I am see-thru and most self- tanners make me look like I am an orange so I was just as skeptical as you. Go to the store and buy some Jergens Natural Glow right now. It is so awesome and natural and wonderful. If you have enough time to loofah in the shower and put on lotion afterwards, you can use this product.

    Love it!

  22. It does have an odd smell, though my hubby hasn’t complained, and I think it dissipates after a while. I think the Jergens works well, with the caveat of washing those hands immediately after applying and not using a whole lot of the stuff. PLUS — watch those knee and ankle creases, also elbow areas. What I do is take tissues and wipe the ‘crevice” areas completely clean after I’ve applied the cream. Otherwise you get dark orange lines — not so pretty when what you’re after, after all, is a nice glowy look. Be aware that the stuff rubs off — so they mean it when they say to wait 15 minutes before dressing. And white towels — well, just be prepared for blotches of orange. Is it worth it? Obviously, I must think so — I’ve used it for three summers now, and am about to again before we take off for a few days in the sun.

  23. Based on the comments above, this snow white chick wants to know how to get a free sample of the Dove product!
    I have tried a lot of products, the spray tanning booths etc. since I burn and peel unless I’m using a 50 or 60 in the sun. I’ll give the Jergen’s a try.
    BTW, there are other free samples you can request by clicking on the “free samples” button in the middle of the top of the page Mir’s link takes you to.

  24. I love the jergen’s Natural Glow face stuff. I used it for a while in Feb. and everyone kept telling me how good I looked. I am about to start using it again. I got 4 tubes on clearance at CVS for 70 cents a tube.

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