And that’s why watching TV is money-saving

By Mir
March 9, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

So I’m sitting here watching some inane television show, and there was just a commercial for a new Scrubbing Bubbles cleaning product. I enjoy Scrubbing Bubbles, mostly because I am still waiting for the bubbles to come to life and clean my bathroom without my help. Anyway.

There was a web address at the end of the commercial, and whaddaya know! There’s a coupon available! It’s only for $1 off, but hey, it adds up.

Now if only the bubbles would do that thing they do in the commercial, that’d be awesome.


  1. Every time I watch that commercial, I think back to the early 90’s, when my mom had an pomeranian that loved any and all squeaky toys. She ordered a free Scrubbing Bubbles squeaky toy, and he would drag that thing everywhere.

  2. I’ve been waiting for them to do what they do on the ads for YEARS.

  3. I’m waiting but I still LOVE their products. I just got my friend hooked on the original scent in a a can.

    Jury is still out on the automatic shower cleaner. I think it does a good job on fiberglass so I’m testing it in my son’s bathroom. I’d try this product too! Thanks, Mir!

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