Nosiness, sanctioned: A keepsake journals contest

By Mir
March 10, 2008
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Are there a few things you wish you could ask people in your family? You know—for the sake of posterity, or to get to know them better, or just plain because you’ve always been curious? Some people call that being nosy, but in my life of work we call that research. And what better way to conduct that sort of research than with a really pretty shared journal?

I’d like to introduce you to the line of Between Me and You Journals from Sand Dune Publishing. The site describes them as “relationship keepsake journals,” but I think they’re much more than that; they’re conversation starters, ice breakers, whatever you want to call them. They’re about connecting with someone who matters to you, and I think they’re brilliant. Each one is intended for a specific relationship (your father, mother, sister, spouse, etc.), or choose the Reunion version to share amongst the whole family. Find out what you want to know, and keep it forever in this awesome journal format.

The Between Me and You journals retail for $14.95 apiece, but two lucky Want Not readers are going to win their choice of journal just for being pretty. And, um, lucky. To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment on this post telling me which journal you’d like before 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, March 12th, 2008. Winners to be determined by random drawing and barometric pressure. Obviously.

Ready? Go!


  1. I would like the mom journal, please. Thanks!

  2. The reunion one would be awesome!

    *fingers crossed*

  3. These sound really neat – I’ll put my hat in the ring!

  4. Sounds like a nice way to keep the memories alive…

  5. Pretty Mir, don’t put me in the drawing. I just wanted to say these are awesome. I got one for my girl friend from college. She has one and I have one and once we finish them for each other we’re going to share them. It’s fun to think about and fill out. Whoever wins your awesome drawing will love them.

  6. This journal sounds great and I can’t wait to give it to my Mom. Thank you, pretty Mir.

  7. grandma, please! (PLEASE!)

  8. Mir, I’d love to have the Grandma one. My husband and I are expecting our first child, just six months after my brother and sister-in-law had the first grandchild in this generation. Right before my niece was born, my father died very unexpectedly and life seems so precious. Needless to say, the Grandma journal would be something really special for our neice and my unborn bean to share!!!

  9. My mom will turn 78 this year…I can’t think of a better gift to give to her and all of my siblings than a way to preserve the long story of her life…

  10. I would love the brother version. I love this idea, and in fact, I sometimes gift a handmade version of this with generic questions. These are great for capturing family history as well.
    I would love to get to know my brother on a deeper level though, esp since we live on opposite coasts. Thanks for the chance!!

  11. Oh I love these~
    I’d love either the reunion or the Grandma one.

    You are so pretty.


  12. Well I love two of them – the reunion and the grandma one (can’t believe she’ll be 80 next month) and I’m sure there’d be lots we’d miss out on if we don’t do something like this!

  13. The reunion one would be terrific for this summer – my husband’s family reunion will be in July. Thanks for the chance!

  14. I would love love the reunion one, how brilliant!

  15. Hi Mir,

    I would love to have the Grandma book. After looking at their website, it seems like a wonderful way to preserve the memories I have of her. We are celebrating her 90th Birthday on April 25th and the whole family will be together to celebrate. What a way to spend the day but reminiscing about her amazing life.

    Thank you!

  16. I’d love the one for spouses!! What a fun giveaway!!

  17. I’d love the one for Dad. 🙂

  18. I would like the Mom journal please! Have I told you how much I appreciate your steals and deals and plain ole good advice?

  19. Ooh, I need that spouse one. I don’t want it. I NEED it. Do I sound like your children? I sure do sound like mine.

  20. I would love the spouse journal. My husband is getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan for 15 months, and I think this would be a great way to become closer even though we are apart!!

  21. I’d love the Grandmother one! Thanks for the contest, pretty Mir:)

  22. What a wonderful idea. Thanks, pretty Mir!

  23. I’d love this for my mother! She and I could pass it back and forth…

  24. the sister book!

  25. We are missionaries that live abroad, so Family Reunions are out of the question. This book would be wonderful for my family to complete during the next reunion and for us to enjoy afterwards. It’s a great way for my kids to connect with their family.

  26. The mom one? The dad one? The mom one? The dad one? Would my dad *ever* fill one of these out? Hmmm.

    (Thanks for the contest!)

  27. Grandma, please…thank you!!

  28. I’m about to get married, so I’d love the Honey one! What a fun thing that would be to work on this with my fiance 🙂 and read it later when we’re married.

  29. I would love the Mom journal! Thanks!

  30. I’m not particular…..I’m in love with the idea and the motivation that is part of each book. I would love to have one, Mom, Spouse, Grandmother…..what about Grandfather?
    Thanks bunches for your site–the information, sales and contests!….I enjoy it.

  31. I like the Honey, the Reunion and the Sister ones.

  32. What a cute idea!

  33. I pick “Honey.”

  34. oops- i forgot to say which one- the mother one

  35. count me in! i love journals.
    good luck to me and all of you 🙂

  36. Grandma … time is short for recording these memories!

  37. I would love love love to win the ‘Daughter’ journal. My girl and I both prefer to write and this would be so wonderful for our relationship right now. Thanks!

  38. I got the dad, grandma, and grandpa ones when my daughter arrived, and NOBODY DID THEM. So I want the mom one, so I can do it for my daughter.

    I’ll show them! I can let it pile dust until I say “oh crap”, fill out half of it, and set it aside for a while longer completely meaning to finish it but never actually getting around to it with the best of them.

    (I’ll just have to edit the whole “pregnancy” bit, though. As we adopted her, that would, uh, be kind of a surprise for her to find.)

  39. this sounds so cute. i would love one of these journals.

  40. I would love to have the Mom one. My mother passed away 10 years ago, and I would love to fill this out to give to my daughter. I want to make sure she has all my answers to questions I wished I would have asked my Mom before she passed away. Thanks Mir.

  41. Hey! I’M nosey! Count me in!

  42. I would love the spouse one! Thanks for the contest!

  43. What a wonderfully memorable item!! I would LOVE to win the family reunion one. Thanks, Mir, for your awesome contests!

  44. The Dad journal would be great! Thanks!

  45. The Dad journal would be so helpful! Thanks!

  46. Would love the mother one….

  47. I would love the Mom one.

  48. Oh pretty Mir, the daughter one please.

  49. Very cool! I would love to win one! Thanks for offering these great drawings!

  50. Those are the coolest thing ever! Liek one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” kind of things. I would love to do one with my sister.

  51. I would really like to have the grandfather one. It would mean so much to me!

  52. I love journals!

  53. I would really love the Honey one! Thank you for having these great contests ^_^

  54. I’d love the one for a spouse- thanks!

  55. I’m torn between the mom or the grandma. Either one would go to my mother, but do I keep it for me, or have it for my kids. Mom is 83, so I need to get her thoughts soon!

  56. I would like a Honey one, PLEASE!!

  57. These are amazing! It was a tough decision but I’d love the reunion one to leave for my kids. We’re older parents, and our siblings, save one, are even older. By the time they are interested in this kind of stuff, there may not be many people around to tell them the story of their extended family.

    Great giveway, pretty Mir!

  58. I totally love this idea of “family research.” I would love a chance to win the REUNION journal to share with my family. Besides, it is the prettiest!

  59. Reunion journal, please.

  60. The spouse one sounds like fun!

  61. This sounds like a wonderful gift idea! I would love one, and I’ll probably buy more!

  62. I’d like to try for the sister one!!!!

  63. I would love the reunion version. Have any of your pretty readers already seen and used these? Would love to hear their views.

  64. I’d love the mom one!

  65. I would love a mom one! or a dad one!

  66. This sounds so neat! I’d love a mom one, but I haven’t had much luck winning any contests yet.

  67. My goodness, but I want a few of them. I would love the grandmother one, but she is so frail and can barely see, so I know she wouldn’t fill it out. The father one would be great, too, but I would never be able to convince my dad to write these things out! *laughs* I wish very much that there were one for me and my niece, as I’m trying to figure out how to give her a voice and talk with me, even so far away in miles.

    With all that said (whew!), I’d have to say my final choice would be the “honey” one. My husband would definitely write in it, and we often like to share such things with each other. It’d be great to have such a record of those thoughts and discussions.

    Thank you for showing me such a great idea!

  68. The Reunion journal would be a perfect project for my Grandma!

  69. Those are so cool. The grandma one would be lovely for my kids and my mom.

  70. I’d love the Reunion one. Although in my family, it had better come with a bottle of Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey to get my relatives talking…

  71. What a great idea. I’d choose the reunion, don’t think I could get anyone in my family to fill out a whole book, and we’ve hardly done anything for our history.

  72. These are so neat. I’d love the Mom one!

  73. i would love the spouse one! i think it would be fun to do and for the girls to see one day when they are older.

  74. Wow! These look amazing! I would love the Mom one! Imagine, having a Mother’s Day present in March!?!

    Pretty Mir, you always help me get ahead of the curve!! Maybe you’re able to stay so perfectly pretty because you’re so far ahead, time just can’t catch up with you?

  75. I would love the Reunion one. Thanks, pretty Mir!

  76. The mom one, please!

  77. I would love the brother one!!

  78. I would love the Between You and Me journal for spouses. Thanks for such a great contest.

  79. I would love the Honey one. You are so pretty!

  80. What a great idea! They sound like wonderful ways to preserve family memories.

  81. I’d love to take the reunion with us on our family vacation at the beach!

  82. These are amazing. I’d love one!!! Thanks, Mir!

  83. Pretty Mir,
    I’d love the Reunion journal to share with my extended family. Thanks!

  84. That Reunion journal looks like a great tool for starting a family conversation/keepsake. Thanks for another great contest!

  85. Mir – What have you been using on your skin? You look luminous… Nothing, you say? Lucky girl, you are. Must be all the love…

    I can’t decide between the Mom and the Honey. My husband would do this if I asked, but I think it would be a nice thing to fill out for the little chick in my tummy, too. I’ll decide for sure if I win, I guess.

  86. Woo woo – fun stuff! Thanks, pretty Mir

  87. I would like the Reunion one, we have family all over the US, and some overseas.

  88. the mom or the honey ones are what interest me most. thanks!

  89. I’m 3 months from my wedding, and anything that’ll make me feel closer to my fiance would make me happy!

  90. Between You and Me Mom, thanks!!!

  91. I’d like the sister one, please!

  92. I would love the sister book — I find I’m often trying to find ways to connect with her and understand who she is.

  93. I’d love the Mom journal.

    We did a book like this with my Gramma when I was little and I’d love for my future children to have something similar.


  94. Oh! I’ve been looking for something just like this. My fingers and toes are crossed this time!!

  95. if i win, i would want the reunion one because I am indecisive and couldnt make my mind up, so this incorporates everyone!! 🙂

  96. Please, please pick me! We’re having a surprise reunion for my Dad’s 70th birthday in June and the reunion journal would be PERFECT!!!!!

  97. I would love the Reunion one also but am not picky. Thanks for the opportunity!

  98. Spouse Please!!
    How fun!

  99. Exquisitely coiffed Mir, my 8-year-old would enjoy connecting with her beloved “Papa,” so the grandfather one would work for us.

  100. One Honey one please oh pretty Mir.

  101. defintely need the spouse one! LOL

  102. I would love the just between you and me…..

  103. What a fantastic idea. I really loved all of them. The Reunion album though would be perfect for me. My relatives are planning a family reunion this summer.

  104. Now these products represent something I should have thought of, designed and marketed. But, alas, the idea came not to me. Please put me in the drawing for the GRANDMA journal. Thanks.

  105. Would love the reunion one for a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for my folks. Thanks! the contests are fun 🙂

  106. i would love the “honey” one! you are lovely and v. v. pretty! 🙂

  107. I’d love the honey one! Second choice would be the mom one!

    3 years ago I made a journal just like this for my grandmother, however, I made up the questions and gave her a blank journal to write in. Shortly after, her health declined, however, she did manage to write about 10 pages of stories and information I will forever treasure. She passed away 2-1/2 years ago at the age of 90, and having something like this means the world to me. I wish I had seen something like this, or had given her my journal earlier to capture more of her wonderful memories and stories.


  108. When I was 10 my mother adopted my sister who had been my best friend since we were 4. We grew up as sisters and the best of friend. As adults, we have grown apart and rarely see one another. Our lives have taken on different paths and we picked totally opposite husbands. At any rate, I would get the sister journal in hopes to reconnect with her.

  109. Pick me, pick me!! 😉 These sound great!

  110. What a neat idea. I’m in charge of the family reunion in 2009. This would be perfect!

  111. If my number is super super lucky, then my HONEY will write to me. I’d love to see what his responses would be. This kind of keepsake is sooo coool. As are you for holding these contests.

  112. Hmmmm… Interesting…

  113. I hope I win because we are moving out of state and I would love my son to have a keepsake from his friends here.

  114. Great idea! I’d like the Grandpa one– I’d give it to my dad to fill out for my boys.

  115. I would sooooo love one of these!

  116. me me me. i need one of those. we’re working on an enormous family tree project and i;m sure it would help a lot

  117. Any, although the reunion one would be great. We have a big family gathering coming up this summer! (My mom has nine brothers and sisters)

  118. We are having the biggest family reunion ever in July so I would like the Reunion Journal if I win. Thanks!

  119. I’d like the one for best friends, please. Thank you!

  120. The mom one, please! Thanks for the opportunity, Mir!

  121. Finally a sweepstake for me, My daughter is turning 20 in April and this would be very cool!!!

  122. I would love the reunion one!

  123. I would love to have the Reunion Version. Our family reunions are pretty boring. This would spice them up a bit. Not to mention finally allow me to know some details.

  124. I’d love the Reunion Version!

  125. How wonderful! I’d love the grandma one…what a fun way to get and keep information about prior generations!

  126. Oh, I LOVE this one! I would definitely like the Grandma one. We’ve had way too many deaths in our family and I would love to surprise my Grandma with this (it will make her feel special and appreciated!) as well as make sure that some of her ‘stories’ will live on. If it turns out well, I may just have to get more for the remaining members of our families….

    Thanks Mir! Might I add that I love when these contests end with a special offer for your readers…. hint hint 😉

  127. I love the one for “honey”, it would be so nice for my non-verbal husband and very-verbal me, we need to do some communicating!
    Your site ROCKS and you are the prettiest pretty blogger in the whole land and I thank you for helping me wend my way through the holidays with aplomb!

  128. OOOOh! Those are cool! I’d love to win one.

  129. Have I told you lately how pretty you are? 😉 I would love the “Mom” one. 🙂

  130. I would love to have the MOM one! These are really awesome and as you said they are much more than just some random journals….I dont know if I would think to ask some of the questions they ask.

  131. Hi there! The reunion one sounds wonderful.. actually they both do! How fun! Thanks for another fun contest!!!

  132. Oh I would love one of these! Hmmm, which one?…

  133. Oh, I love the Mom one!

  134. Thanks, Mir. I would love the one for spouses.

  135. Not for too long of a sob story but I would LOVE to win the Mother one. My grandmother passed away two years ago today and there are so many things I wish I had asked her or paid more attention to. I would love the chance to do this with my mother. Thanks for your consideration!

  136. My husband is not much of a talker, so I would love love love the spouse one. If I don’t win it, I will probably buy it and call it my birthday present to myself…that is how much I think this is necessary for me right now.

  137. What a fun idea. I’d love the Reunion journal.

  138. Pick me please!

  139. What a fun idea. I would like the reunion journal.

  140. I would love either the reunion or spouse one. Thanks!

  141. i want one!

  142. With two back to back family reunions, 5 children (including 2 teenagers) and a husband whom I love but don’t get to spend nearly enough time with I could probably use one of each. Any of them will be great!

  143. I would love a Mom one! And even if I don’t win, I will likely buy one. Cool site, Mir!

  144. maybe this time

  145. MOM journal (for me and my daughter) would be so cool.

  146. I would love the spouse one.

  147. Ooh, I’d love the Mom one!

  148. What a great idea! My family shared a favorite Christmas memory this year at the hoidays and it was so neat to hear the things that made an impact on them. I had decided to buy journals for my parents as mother’s/father’s day gifts. Actually getting one free would be ooohhh so wonderful!! I’d pick the mom one.


  149. The reunion or spouse one would be awesome!

  150. Honey or Mom…please

  151. That woulud be fantastic for my grandma!

  152. How fun is that! I’m in.

  153. The honey one please!!!

  154. This is one contest I’d love to win. What a great prize.

  155. would love the reunion one!! 🙂

  156. i want to win!!!

  157. forgot to say i’d want the “girl” one.

  158. I would love one…well, them all but to win the grandma one would be awesome! Thanks!

  159. What a great idea! I would want the “honey” one.

  160. If I’d be lucky enough to win, I’d like the Dad journal. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to have him around and this would be something to keep a part of him with me.

  161. reunion I think.


  162. I would love the girl one or the reunion one! Thanks.

  163. Either would be great!

  164. This would be wonderful!! Feeling lucky…

  165. The mom one would be my choice! Thanks you giving person, you!

  166. What a great idea!

  167. Sounds fun! Please add me to the list!

  168. OH! I can’t pick one favorite! I like the Mom one for me, the Grandma one for my boys, the Son one for me to give the boys some day….argh! If I win, then I’ll pick, ‘k?

  169. The reunion one would be perfect for us

  170. I would love any of them! But the father, mother, or grandmother would be my favs! Thanks, pretty pretty!

  171. What a great idea! I love it! I would love the Mother one, my pretty, pretty Mir!

  172. I’d like the daughter journal. Thank you Mir.

  173. Thank you!

  174. My therapist would say I need the one Honey journal. LOL.
    thk u for this contest.

  175. Thanks Mir.


  176. Me! Me!!! Meeeee!!!!

    Oh… And you look very pretty this evening. 😉

  177. What an awsome idea! I’d love one!

  178. Put me in for the “Dad” journal. Thanks

  179. That Honey journal would be so perfect for us right now… husband is living in another state during the week and is only home on weekends… two years in July.

  180. This is so cool! What a great idea.

  181. The “Honey” journal looks amazing!

  182. My husband of 23 years and I just comleted couples counseling and are finally on the road to the best relationshp of our lives together. The “honey” journal would be an awesome tool to help us keep the love alive!

  183. I’ll try for the Father journal, my father is in treatment for cancer right now and this would be great for our family.

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