Winners of the Boca contest

By Mir
March 10, 2008
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Well, the competition was fast and furious, if by “fast” you mean “moderately paced” and by “furious” you mean “polite and orderly.” I mean, I appreciate that all of you are such a warm and well-behaved lot, but just once I’d like to see a catfight break out in the comments. You know, like what happens at Filene’s Basement, with women pulling each others’ hair and stuff…? No? Oh, I understand, you’re too pretty for that. Still. It would keep things interesting.

Anyway! We had a whopping 259 entries into the contest for free Boca products, and the random number generator has spoken. First prize (5 Boca coupons) is going out to commenter 120, Nan; second prize (3 Boca coupons) is going out to commenter 23, Lou (who, it should be noted, asked who my favorite poor vegan student is, and apparently now we know); and third prize (2 Boca coupons) is going out to commenter 166, Caroline!

Congratulations to all, and don’t forget to send me your addresses (I emailed all of you)! Thanks, too, to the generous folks at Boca Burger and Edelman for donating the coupons.

Didn’t win this time? The next contest will be up in just a few hours, don’t you fret.

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  1. WooHoo, congrats, winners! *high five*

    Oh, wait…. should that have included a lot of pouting and hair pulling? Or maybe some hissing? (cuz it’s a cat fight) Can I just growl quietly, glare and secretly plot revenge?

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