Bears in a tree, cute and cheap

By Mir
March 11, 2008

Need a gift for a little girl? Check out this Bearskis Family Treehouse at Amazon—marked down to $9.99 and free shipping (regardless of order size). Totally adorable and over half off what you’ll pay elsewhere.

(The free shipping will be automatic… you’ll see it come off in the last step of checkout.)

I know most of us are all stocked up on toys, but this was too cute not to point out.


  1. Just couldn’t resist this. I took a quick glance and placed the order, wow, and Amazon just makes that process soooo easy, no time to second guess. 😉 I jumped on it, cause I’ve missed out on deals. Then I went back and looked at what I bought! Thats how much I trust Mir. She is my lookout. Oh pretty one.

  2. Keep up the toy posts – please. DS just had 3 birthday parties over the weekend and that cleaned out my toy stash. (the last of my stock from that amazing toy sale on Amazon last May!)

    – Shari

  3. Dang. I got charged 5.90 for shipping.

  4. Thanks Mir! Very adorable…I had to get 2 of these 1 for my DD and 1 for my niece! Love the free shipping too!

  5. Now it’s up to 19.95 with 7.95 shipping!

  6. Oh beautiful Mir, I second the request for your amazon-fu skills to find toys — particularly for 3 yr old boys.. I was just thinking how many birthdays i’m going to have to deal with in the next few months!

  7. Love the toy deals- keep it up!

  8. Good thing my daughter is grown up (sort of) now. She’d go for this. She would’ve begged for this 12 (er, maybe 15) years ago!

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