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By Mir
March 11, 2008
Category Groceries

I want to extend a special thank-you to everyone who piped up in the comments of yesterday’s post about warehouse clubs; I have never been to a Costco and assumed they were the same as Sam’s, BJ’s, etc. Wow, sounds like I was completely wrong. Thanks to everyone for setting me straight.

Except now I sort of wish we had a Costco. Hmph.


  1. Yeah, it looks like the closest one to you is over 30 miles away. Well, maybe during your next “Georgia roadtrip” you can swing by… 🙂

    And after reading everyone else’s comments, there are many other things that I think are great deals that I’d forgotten about.

  2. Over 30 miles to the nearest Costco? We drive about that (one way) to do our major grocery shopping once or twice a month, and that’s just a Super WalMart. The nearest Costco or Sam’s to us is in Austin, about 50 miles away.

  3. We are family of six with two sets of twins, all under three. For us, even if I wind up paying marginally more for toilet paper at Sam’s, I never find myself in the position that I have to run out to the store for more because that is often not an option in our house, nor is making time to peruse the weekly sales and clip coupons in any sort of vigilant way.

  4. I also wanted to mention how impressed I was with Costco when there was a major recall of a toy recently (Aquadots…and the date rape drug fiasco). I learned about the recall the day that it was announced, but I received an automated message from Costco THE NEXT DAY about the recall. They encouraged me to return the product for a refund. Considering their volume of customers– despite the message being automated—I was pretty impressed.

  5. This is probably a dead topic now, but Costco’s mark-up is an industry low – so low that they don’t even give their employees a discount, not even those that have been there since it started. As a result of this mark-up, you are going to find a lower price on nearly everything except for the below-cost grocery store sales combined with a manufacturer’s coupon…Oh, and less choice = smaller inventory = better prices for the customer.

    Happy shopping!

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