Here’s a few games for the closet

By Mir
March 11, 2008

Every time I apologize for posting more toys, people say “No! Post more of ’em!” And I am nothing if not your humble servant. And also really into toys and games. Ahem. So, here’s a few more I found.

(By the way—people sometimes ask how I find these. There’s no magic method, really; I just surf around Amazon for a while and see what I find. The first step is to realize that all of the sorting mechanisms Amazon gives you don’t actually work, which means that you often stumble across something where it doesn’t belong.)

Quiddler is currently $7.87 and free shipping eligible (ages 8+).

Disney Pixar Monopoly is currently $10.99 and free shipping eligible (ages 8+).

Transformers Robot Fighters Game is currently $11 and free shipping eligible (ages 6+).

Not the greatest deals ever, but good prices and free shipping if you’re stocking up.


  1. I agree with the more cheap toys. We are one birthday party away from having to actually run out and pay full price for a present. Egads!

  2. We have a games club at my school, and the kids are thrilled to pieces with board games. They just don’t get to play them at home. The 3rd and 4th graders were so taken with Chinese Checkers that they all wanted to buy their own sets — but no one could find a store that carried it. 🙁

  3. pfft!! I don’t believe it! Mir you are the Ultimate-Deal Fairy and you use your magic to find these deals. I refuse to believe anything else!

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