If you still have a $20 certificate laying around. . .

By Mir
March 12, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

… for Dale & Thomas Popcorn, that is… you might be interested in knowing that for a limited time you can get a Six Pack Sampler and use coupon code EX312S1T for free shipping.

Sooooo… pick your sampler (must be one of mixed variety; code will not work on a single flavor) and add it to your cart. Your $20 certificate will make it just $8, and then the code will ship it for free. Not bad at all.

(D&T seems to be giving those $20 off coupons out all over the place—I’ve gotten them with other certificates, in DVDs, etc. Hey, more popcorn is always good.)

[Edited to add: Weird. Okay, what they really meant is that it will work on 3 6-packs. Which is $75 worth of popcorn. So… ummm… nevermind.]


  1. Anybody have an extra laying around? I’d love to send one to DH (deployed in the military), but my only D&T coupon is expired!

  2. Are you sure? I got an email from them with free shipping on the 6-pack *bundle*, which is really 18 bags. Those are $75. When I tried this code, it said my 6-pack bundle didn’t qualify for the promotion.

  3. I pretty much ate mine looong ago!

  4. Blair, try calling customer service about that expired coupon. They might still honor it to get you hooked into the D&T popcorn sensation….

  5. Code didn’t work for me, either.

  6. I was confused by all of that, myself.

  7. Hi Blair, if customer service doesn’t honor that coupon, I’ve got an extra $20 card you can have for your hubby 🙂 just post on here and i’ll give you my email

  8. Blair, I have a $20 card you can have as well. It expires on 3/31/08. Too bad they can’t be combined…that would certainly make the $75 bundle more attractive, wouldn’t it?

  9. Code didn’t work for me either… bummer.

  10. i couldn’t stack the code and my gift card… the code alone worked, tho.

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