Toddler snow boot deal

By Mir
March 12, 2008

How do I love LL Bean? Let me count the ways!

Wait, no. I’ll count the ways later. First, lemme show you this deal before they sell out: Get toddler snow tread boots right now for just $6.50. Buy ahead for next year! And if you use coupon code 2373230 they’ll ship for free, making them cheaper than crummy boots, but a million times better in quality because they’re Bean.

It’s at moment like this that I almost—almost!—miss living in snow country.


  1. It makes me almost (emphasizing almost) wish I lived somewhere where it snowed enough to buy these for my kids! 🙂

  2. ah, shoot…none the size I need (my son will be in 11’s by next winter…sigh)

  3. Fabulous deal! Even my daughter doesn’t like them, I won’t feel bad about wasting less than $7. Thanks!

  4. Why oh why are my kids feet so big???

  5. WOW! Great Deal!! For the past few years I have pre-bought snow boots for the next winter and guess what it never snowed!! So, this year I will hold out until winter arrives to buy a pair for the kiddies…watch we’ll have a blizzard…lol lol

  6. Thank you, oh so pretty Mir! I’m set for my younger son, now I just need some for my older son to go on sale! (I’ve been waiting for a month or two and just not seen them! Thankfully his feet still fit in the ones we got last year!)

  7. Thank you! How I wish they had bigger sizes for my other 3 kids. But hey, that’s a great price for one. I also bought my husband a pair of Sports Mocs for 14.95 and used a coupon code for free shipping. Thanks again.

  8. Ok.. My son will be a year and a half next fall..
    Its like a guessing game on what size shoes he will be wearing. But really for 6.50 can I go wrong?

  9. Well, I had to buy two sizes to cover my bases, but for $13 total, I can always sell the other pair next year and get some of my money back! THANKS!

  10. Thank You! Thank You! We always need snow boots up here, so this was a “pretty” deal.

  11. Thanks for the tip. I bought a light blue pair for my daughter, pink was sold out 🙁 can’t go wrong with that price, hopefully I picked the right size. Thanks again

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