Wanna whittle?

By Mir
March 12, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Both of my children are jonesing for pocket knives. They’re not joining gangs or even having to survive in the wilderness (I mean, I keep locking the doors, but they still find a way back into the house), it’s that whole scouting thing. Their friends have knives, and they know how to whittle! And they want to do it, too.

I’m not buying them knives any time soon. But I gather some people are less neurotic than I am about such things, and may be seeking a deal on little pocket knives for their kids. If that sounds like you, and you need to buy three or more knives, you might be interested in either this three-pack or this three-pack of knives at Amazon. 64% and 62% off, respectively, and you’ll have the joy of knowing you got a good deal while you’re on your way to the Emergency Room for stitches the kids whittle away.


  1. Now that you live in the south, you might just have to break down and buy your kids a good pocket knife…..

    My uncle, whom hails from the great state of Tennessee, always carries a pocket knife. While packing up my grandmother’s house last winter, I hollered through the crowded house if he had a pocket knife I could borrow. He responded, “Well, I’ve got my pants on, don’t I?”

  2. My 7 and 9 year old both have tons of pocket knives (thanks to my old school dad) who gives them a knife every month. We have been very strict with the knives and they know a lot about them. And Yes, they do whittle. But that being said, My two year old is really getting into it too. So now we have had to confiscate the knives. But we do live in the South and pocket knives are the thing especially with scouts.

  3. A whittle what?


  4. I’m in the less neurotic about knives camp… well, maybe the more neurotic FOR knives camp. I was one of those kids who was whittling with pocket knives long before I was old enough to join Boy Scouts.

    Gever Tulley from the Tinkering School gave a talk at TED (you know TED, right? Technology, Entertainment, Design; “Ideas worth spreading”?) called Five Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do:


    I link this here because one of those things is, of course, letting your kid have a pocket knife. I know that many, many parents are against this notion and that is their prerogative.

    I also have to applaud Mir for posting things that are not necessarily her cup of tea. Then again, a good deal is a truth that rises above such petty parenting concerns, right? 😉

  5. I have a solution for your kid’s whittleing woes!

    When I was younger, and strangely obsessed with whittling, my dad gave me a bars of soap and a butter knife. It’s win-win(-win?) I got to whittle safely and my mom got “gifts” of strangely shaped bars of soap!

  6. Yes to the soap whittling as a kid–Ivory was the soap of choice.

  7. Ivory isn’t very dense, so it carves easily. Plus it floats = more fun in the tub!

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