I love you Fri-iday, oh yes I do

By Mir
March 14, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It’s Friday, all day! That can only mean one thing: It’s time to check out the Amazon Friday Sale.

The first thing you’ll probably notice this week is a special link to 50% off Sci-Fi Television DVD box sets. Perfect if you want to get your X-Files, Buffy, Stargate, etc., on. Ya big geek.

I really pictured something completely different when I read “Wings of Life”, but this is good too, I guess.

Yeah, I know I can just make tea with a tea bag, but this tea press is so pretty and fancy-looking!

You know I cannot resist the siren song of a shiny KitchenAid mixer when it’s on sale. Rowr.

I always see those tap-on lights and think that they’re a good idea, but sort of a poor execution—the places you’ll need that sort of light, it’s probably inconvenient to “tap,” after all. But now there’s motion-activated LED spot lights, which I think is positively brilliant. I shall have to stop myself from sticking them all over the house.

Would you eat something called HOOAH!? If you would, they’re currently half off ($15 for 15 bars), plus if you spend $39 on qualifying nutrition bars, you can use coupon code BARMARO8 to take another $10 off your order.

If you’re looking for hot rollers, this Caruso set is nothing short of miraculous (I have one, and it works both on my thick, curly hair and my daughter’s fine, straight hair), not to mention 42% off.

Phew. Okay. All of that excitement wore me out. Go have a great Friday, everyone, and remember—friends don’t let friends pay full retail.


  1. The wings of life thing looks like the perfect Father’s day gift. Add a SciFi DVD set and you’d be all set for the dads whose birthdays are near Father’s day, too. (or maybe that just happens here…)

    I can’t quite believe I was planning for Father’s day in March. Mir, you are a pretty, but corrupting, person.

  2. I snatched up SG1 on Wednesday, the first day they dropped the prices. Finally!
    Happy Friday, Mir!

  3. I just had to comment on the motion-sensing light; did anyone notice the reviewer whose wife is pleased that he can now “aim” into the toilet at midnight? Heh heh heh.

  4. I don’t have the exact model, but I do have a Bodum tea press almost like that one and they are GREAT. I love mine, and would recommend it to anyone. Only one “problem” is that it makes me want to buy better and better and more expensive tea to make in it.

  5. If my kids were still young, I’d get the cute Crane humidifiers. Now that they’re older, I guess I’ll have to stick to bunnyslippers.com. 🙂

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