It’s Outback’s Bloomin’ Birthday (and a contest)

By Mir
March 15, 2008
Category Contests

Yes, things have been positively contest-riffic ’round here, lately, but can I help it if people insist on giving me stuff to give away to my pretty readers? No, I cannot.

So, guess what today is! Go on, guess! That’s right—today is the 20th birthday of the Outback Steakhouse bloomin’ onion, their signature dish. To celebrate, Outback is offering special dishes, a whole bunch of trivia about those bloomin’ onions (each one weighs a pound! 37 spices in the dipping sauce!), and oh yeah, a $25 Outback Steakhouse gift card to one lucky Want Not reader.

All you have to do for a chance to win is to leave a comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 16th, 2008. I know a lot of folks read from work, so those of you dedicated enough to read on the weekends may be rewarded for coming ’round, see? Winner to be determined by random drawing and whoever makes the most convincing offer to buy me a margarita with the gift card. (Just kidding about the margarita. Mostly.)



  1. Here’s hoping it’s me!!

  2. Those blooming onions are about a million calories, but they sure taste good!!

  3. Mmmm! I’m hungry already. I would buy you a margarita! LOL

  4. Bloomin’ onion and margaritas. Mmmmmmmm…

  5. Outback – yummy! I feel like a winner already!

  6. I need one of those bloomin’ onions for my free diet day!

  7. Margaritas with Mir? I’m in. I’ll even pay.

    “Margaritas with Mir” — that sounds like the title to a good biography or the name of an interesting cooking show. Something I would definitely read or watch!!

    Pick me! Pick me!

  8. I keep missing the deadlines for all your other contests…hope me not procrastinating pays off!!

  9. Sounds great! Count me in pretty one. Do they have margaritas to go???!!!

  10. Oh! I LOVE Outback….hope it’s my lucky day!

  11. Oh yummy! Oh yummy! This is very exciting!

  12. I like the idea of being rewarded for being a weekend reader.

  13. A night out for free, just the thought is so exciting! Thank you!

  14. Outback is my favorite chain restaurant – they make their strawberry lemonade from scratch, it’s amazing!

  15. An Australian Margarita? Hmmmm….well, if you really, really want one…

  16. Outback’s our favorite. Hope this is the contest I get lucky on!

  17. I love Outback! Thanks Mir!

  18. oooh I’m in!! Hey if they want to give us stuff who are we to argue?

  19. I want one now I don’t care how fattening it is.

  20. Yum! Those onions are the BEST!

  21. pick me!!

  22. Hey, cool!

  23. Yippee! Here’s hoping being a weekend Wantnot junkie will get us some bloomin’ onion.

  24. Bloomin Onions are very tasty (even if huge & calorie-filled ;)). Count me in!

  25. Those onions are my favorite! Worth the calories.

  26. c’mon random number generator doohickey . . .

    I am out of town for spring break S-F, so if for some lucky reason i won I won’t answer til saturday fyi

  27. i LOVE Outback!! One of my favorite places! πŸ™‚

  28. I love bloomin’ onions!!

  29. Mmmm…bloomin’ onions.

  30. Pick me! pick me!

  31. Bloomin’ Onions are fantastic! Add a Margarita and I am all set!

  32. waiting for me is a bloomin’ onion….

  33. I have 37 spices too!

  34. Yum! That sounds awesome, thanks Mir!!

  35. love me some outback!

  36. ooh – bloomin’ onion, haven’t had one of those in forever…

  37. I could totally use this — I could take the Hubby AND NO KIDS!!

  38. You know I would totally buy you a margarita (or 3) out of my very own pocket.. BUT if there were a gift card..that would be extra bonus margaritas.. all for you of course.. I’m generous like that.. pick me! πŸ™‚

  39. I’m hanker’n a steak!

  40. I’d be more than happy to buy you a margarita, oh, beautiful, Mir! Thanks for offering such fun giveaways. πŸ™‚

  41. Would love to go to Outback! My three little boys can stay with Grandma. Might let my husband come.

  42. So…I’d definitely buy you a margarita. Dude, I’d do more that that if you asked! I live for helping out [quasi] strangers! (I’m the gal emailed you a bit ago who lives in Durham, if you hadn’t made that connection).

    Instead of the buying of the margarita, though, let me offer to make you a homemade caipirinha!

    Mmmm. Simple syrup, half a lime, ice, and cachaça. I might have to go buy a lime now!


  43. Ooh, bloomin’ onion, pick me, pick me….:-)

  44. Love the Bloomin’ Onion…and the margaritas of course!

  45. Hey,I’m having a girl’s night out there Thursday . . . could you come to Kentucky and deliver the gift card personally? I’d buy you a drink!!

  46. I love Outback!! Please pick me!! My pregnancy cravings require it!

  47. ohhhhhh, I neeed a date night!

  48. Those things are so so so bad for you, but so so so good.

  49. Deep fried veggies–taste AND nutrition!

  50. Yum!

  51. Oh, wow! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  52. Somehow, everything tastes better when deep fried.

  53. How do I need a date without my kids and with my husband? Let me count the ways! Thank-you!

  54. Outback Steakhouse! Yum! Pick me!

  55. Happy Birthday to the Bloomin’ Onion!

  56. G’day! I hope I win!

  57. Me Me I need a MEgarita!!! LOL!

  58. Sounds great!

  59. Sounds delicious to me!

  60. by crikey, love outback

  61. Happy Birthday!

  62. 20 years? Seriously?

  63. haven’t been to an outback since 1492!

  64. Oooh pick me, pick me!
    Outback is DH’s favorite restaurant.

  65. mmmmm… Fried!

  66. I almost cried when I saw how many Weight Watchers points are in a bloomin’ onion!

  67. I so love a good steak. Thanks!

  68. Thanks for all of your steals, deals, and advice! You are part of my daily routine!

  69. Yummy! Pick me-we need a night out!

  70. We need a date, and fried onion sounds kind of romantic, doesn’t it?

  71. Yummy!! Keeping my fingers crossed…

  72. hey mate! pick me! and thanks for the offer….. you’re very good to us faithful readers….

  73. I’ve never had one, cause I’m so cheap so this would work out well!

  74. I would buy you a margarita AND a bloomin’ onion! Well… if you liked bloomin’ onions that is. I don’t know if you are an onion person? Are you an onion person, readers (or maybe just me) want to know?

  75. OOOH! Please sign me up! I would LOVE to win this. Outback is yummy, but EXPENSIVE! πŸ™‚

  76. Love the outback!

  77. Wow! The Outback sounds great! Happy Birthday Outback!

  78. Please pick me, Mate!

  79. I love that bloomin onion. This reminds me I haven’t been to Outback recently.

  80. That’s bloomin’ GREAT!

  81. Hey, we need a night out!

  82. mmmm….. that onion really is so good.

  83. Yummy! would love it

  84. me me!!please!!

  85. pick me!!

  86. Oh pretty Mir. I could really go for some Outback.

  87. Thanks for the opportunity to go to Outback! πŸ™‚

  88. I’d buy you a margarita. BUT since I had to quit drinking, you’d have to promise to breath on me after you drink it. (Ew…I know) But I REALLY miss my margaritas. πŸ™‚

  89. Me!

  90. Me!

  91. Yum. Yumyumyumyumyum!!! Of course I’ll share a margarita with you!

  92. I prefer the cheese fries to the onion…but that onion is still yummy!

  93. Count me in!

  94. Perfect way to blow my diet.

  95. Yummy! I was thinking the same about my diet… Ahhh it’s worth it!!

  96. Oh, I LOVE Outback! Pick me, pick me!!

  97. My favorite restaurant. And we need a night away from the kids (4, total) bad. Pick me! Please! Please! Please! Don’t like to beg but…

  98. Just needed to post so i have a chance… sure would LOVE to take my DH on a date!

  99. Mmmmmm, Outback Steakhouse … /Homer Simpson voice

  100. OMG – I just *love* Outback! When we moved cross country last year DH and I ate twice at Outbacks in different cities during the multi-day drive from MD to NV.

  101. The kids’ activity book is worth the trip.

  102. Thanks!

  103. We have a local Outback that we’ve never gone to, and my husband tells me that he’s never been to one. Sounds like a date night at the GR household!

  104. hmm…steak…

  105. Yum Yum!! Date night would be great!

  106. Sounds good, I think I am hungry now!

  107. I LOVE those blooming onions…and after a week of kids w/ the flu, hubby and I seriously need a night out. Pick me, pick me!!!

    You are looking very PRETTY this weekend….=)

  108. I love Outback!!!!!

  109. We never go to Outback, but we love it!

  110. My hubby would be sooo happy to get some steak from Outback!

  111. Yum, we love steak! πŸ™‚

  112. Ooooo, glad I’m a weekend (and weekday) reader.

  113. I love Outback and so do my kids and husband. We would be so happy to win this one!!!

  114. We would love this!

  115. My appetite for Outback is always in bloom! Count me in!

  116. Ooohhhh! We love Outback!! I hope I win!

  117. How fun! This would be such a wonderful treat!

  118. Awesome and tasty. Hope I win this time! πŸ™‚

  119. Oooh – I haven’t been to Outback in so long…we might be able to get a babysitter if we didn’t have to pay for dinner!

    Keep up the good work, Mir!

  120. Oh, I am so craving a steak right now … would love to win this since eating out is so not in our budget. Thanks!

  121. I thinks it’s time to head back there for an onion and some steak!

  122. please, please, pick me..I’m feeling a little left out here!

  123. Oh pretty Mir…of course I will buy you a margarita at Outback. I will buy you two, because that would mean that you are here…where you belong! I’m still a little miffed that when you moved South, you chose a different state, but winning this would totally make up for it. Well almost. πŸ˜‰

  124. YUM!
    so so delicious!

  125. Outback= YUM.

  126. So yummy – and I haven’t been to Outback in years.

  127. blooming onions aremy fav!!

  128. The Bloomin Onion is good but their bread is even better. It is so soft and delicious. Maybe I’ll go there for dinner tomorrow? Ummm, don’t mind the drool.

  129. I’ve been thinking about Outback recently. There’s one right near me and we never go for some reason. I’ve been craving it so I’d love to win this gift certificate!

  130. ooh mee!

  131. Mmmm. Meat. Sounds good once Pascha gets here.

  132. I looooove Outback!

  133. Mmm yum. I could go for Outback — especially if I had a $25 gift certificate!

  134. Yummy, yummy for my mummy.

  135. mmmmm free food mmmm

  136. pick me

  137. I’m betting there will be a lot of comments on this one! Count me in, please!

  138. Holy 140 posts! Wow, you’re popular, especially when dangling steak in front of the masses! πŸ˜‰ Oh, and pick me! Pick me!

  139. I love me some bloomin onion.

  140. Bloomin’ onions are pretty, but not as pretty as you. And you are spicier than 25 spices too. Oh La La! πŸ˜€

  141. You rock!

  142. Me, me, me! I looooooove steak with no carnivorous guilt at all! And the last time I went there they gave me a free glass of wine, so I’m dying to go back…

  143. Never been to Outbacks and never ate a bloomin’ onion?

  144. OOOOH, Outback…..yum!

  145. mmmmmm…. one pound onion

  146. Hi,

    I hope I win this contest.

  147. Fun!! Sign me up!

  148. Mmmmm Yummy!!!!!!

  149. Oh, I hope it’s me! Yum!

  150. Yum! Booze and fried food…my favorites! πŸ˜‰

  151. comment

  152. Yay, I read on weekends!

  153. meeeeeeee!

  154. The bread!!! the Coconut Schrimp!!!! and the ultimate….. the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under!!!!

  155. I’m a librarian, of course I read on weekends.

  156. I LOVE red meat! πŸ™‚

  157. pick me please

  158. I’d love me some Outback Bloomin’ onion!!!

  159. YUMMY!

  160. My Husband and I love Outback…count me in!

  161. I’m stinkin’ dedicated. Bring on the onions!

    Get it? Stinkin’? Onions? HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Yes, I AM aware I am a tremendous dork. My teenager tells me every single day.

  162. I certainly wouldn’t turn down a meal at Outback. I would even buy you a margarita or a Wallaby Darned if you wish.

  163. Yummy giveaway!!!

  164. Please put my name in….maybe hubby and I can get a night out???

  165. I love a bloomin onion. I would love to share a pitcher of margaritas with you!!!

  166. Pick me, Pick me!!! Please????

  167. *crossing my fingers*

  168. I want to go outback tonight. I can’t buy you a margarita unless you come back to New England (oh! come back to New England! Joshilyn Jackson is here this week! I can buy you both an outback margarita! Also – no tornados! Have I conviced you?). I guess I could have a margarita myself and describe it to you. Not the same though, is it?

  169. Please pick me!!

  170. Feliz Cumpleanos Bloomin’ Onion!!!

  171. Love me some Outback! Please pick me!

  172. Ummmm… Fried onion. What a way to taunt a pregnant woman.

  173. Pick Me Pick Me…..Please!

  174. Lucky number #175. Come on!

  175. ummmmm…..bloomin’ onion. Thanks Mir.

  176. Awesome! I haven’t been to Outback in forever. Thanks, Pretty Mir!

  177. Bloomin’ Onion, did you say Bloomin’ Onion???? My favorite!

  178. we can’t eat the bloomin onion (sob!), but we LOVE the ribs… and the margaritas, too.

    hope you’re ok and very pretty despite the state of emergency!

  179. mmmm, deep fried onion goodness.

  180. I don’t think I could get the bloomin’ onion, but they sure have other good treats.

  181. outback. . .YUM!!!!

  182. It would cause a lot of hearburn but it sure would be worth it!! ;o)

  183. Definitely add me in!

  184. I heart free food!

  185. Woot! Girls night out anyone??

  186. Sure I’ll compete against the 186+ other people!

  187. yum, yum…..thanks!

  188. It would be so amazing to be able to go out with dh alone. πŸ™‚

  189. Mmmmmmmmm….Outback…fried food…mmmmmm..

  190. This is the man’s favorite restaurant, I’d love to surprise him with this!


    Never eaten at OUTBACK, but then I haven’t been out to eat in ages – period.


  192. MMMMMMM Onion

  193. I haven’t been to the Outback Steakhouse yet! this sure would be the way to go tho.

  194. YUM YUMYUM, love me some Bloomin’ Onion!!!

  195. Oh Pretty One, if you wish to make the trip to Osage Beach, Missouri (on the lovely Lake of the Ozarks and home of the nearest Outback) I would be thrilled to buy you a margarita with the gift card! My birthday IS coming up in a few weeks and I do love me some Cheesecake Olivia, you can help us celebrate in style!

  196. yum!!!! pick me, pretty mir!!!

  197. does it come with a babysitter too? Kidding, but I would LOVE it! Thx

  198. Pick me! Pick me!!!!

  199. 200 has to be lucky….right?!

  200. Another great contest – Enter me, please.

  201. Yummy! Pick me!!! πŸ™‚

  202. mmm… outback. I hope it’s me.

  203. We love Outback! And we love Bloomin’ Onions. Hope my number comes up.

  204. We love Bloomin’ Onions from Outback, but due to our frugality, we rarely get to indulge! Outback is one of our favorite, if not very favorite, restaurants.

  205. Pick me! Pick me!

  206. Love outback! Would love a gift card!

  207. 37 Spices? Really? Well no wonder I can never duplicate it at home!
    Hopefully #208 is my lucky number! πŸ™‚

  208. Ohh! Boy! I love Outback!

  209. Mmmmmmmmmm, steak.

  210. Pick me and I promise to forget that Today show segment I saw on how many calories a bloomin’ onion has. πŸ™‚

  211. I haven’t bloomed in years!

  212. It’s a vegetable, right?

  213. Thanks!

  214. mmmm…I loves me some Outback!!

  215. Outback!! our favorite….my kids love it!

  216. Mmmmm…. bloomin’ onions. Have you tried their chopped bleu cheese salad? Also quite delicious.

  217. How many weight watchers points is in one of those?!?!

  218. Woo-hoo! Pick me! I love their coconut shrimp. Mmmm… yum.

  219. Might just be time to try this place out… that onion thing sounds pretty tasty!

  220. Love Outback!

  221. Yum!

  222. Oh sooo good!

  223. Mmmmmm…onion breath.

  224. Ohboyohboyohboy…I hope I win!!

  225. I am soo ready for a girls’ night out!
    I will even take a girls’ afternoon out. I have a girl cousin who could use this with me.
    And to soak up some Outback hospitality with that zillion calorie, awesome tasting onion and some tasty boozy drinks?
    I would do just about anything!

  226. That’s where my husband and I had our first date. i so need a gift card to rekindle some love.

  227. Love that Outback! They have a great gluten -free menu!

  228. I would TOTALLY by ya a rita Mir!

  229. Well, i would certainly toast a margarita (perhaps 3) in your honor!

  230. I’ll take it. And if you’ll come visit me in MN (it[‘s getting warmer here…), I’ll happily take you with on my trip to Outback, so you can have the drink of your choice!


  231. Me! Me!

  232. Woo hoo! Thanks Outback and Mir!

  233. I’ve been craving Outback, and I’m pregnant!

  234. It weighs a *pound*???? That’s some onion, innit? πŸ˜‰

    And who wouldn’t buy a margarita for the prettiest shopper ever?

  235. Steak for free!! YUM!!!!!

  236. Pick me, my pret!

  237. I LOVE outbacks, especially their bloomin’ onions……..but, I ESPECIALLY love margaritas!

  238. thanks for the chance! making me hungry!

  239. I am sending thoughts of margaritas to the Random Number Generator because we all know THAT’S the thing that we need to sway in our favor.

    Dear Random Number Generator,
    I love you from the deepest most bottomest of my poor tiny bitter bloomin’ onion lovin’ heart. Most Sincerely, Your Biggest Fan and President of the RNG fan club, Wendy

    Do you think it’ll work?

  240. The contests are FUN! Thanks for sharing and all the great tips!

  241. Hey, if you haul your butt all the way up here for a mere margarita, I’d sure buy you one! Hmmm, I THINK there’s an Outback about 35 minutes from here . .

  242. Hey, a girl’s gotta have a vice. (or two)

  243. If the random number generator picks me, I’ll buy you a margarita as big as your head.

  244. Great! Let’s go outback tonight. Yummy!

  245. I am hungry.

  246. great contest, thanks we love outback

  247. Yum!

  248. count me in. Hey, CR even says the blooming onion has less fat and calories than a nice steak there…

  249. mmmmm. Steak and fried onion. What could be better?

  250. Please throw my name in! I’ve been craving Outback anyways, so perfect timing! Thanks!

  251. What a fun contest!

  252. My boyfriend loves this place and I would love to treat him to a nice dinner!

  253. see? you thought we stayed away on the weekends!

  254. My favoite place to eat in the world!! Thanks

  255. I would like to say G’day to that gift card! Woot!

  256. YUM! I love Outback especially the blooming onion.

  257. I’m in, 3 birthdays in 2 weeks, I could use some help with a birthday dinner

  258. Pick me ^_^
    My birthday is coming up and this would be fun!
    thank you

  259. Count me in, please.

  260. Yum.

  261. yum, bloomin onions are sooo yummy.

  262. pick me randomizer! pick me!

  263. I’m feeling random!

  264. You can’t have a margarita alone, so I’ll have one with ya!

  265. mmmmmmm….steak….

    I actually haven’t been to Outback since the time my husband and I went, and he didn’t like the way they cooked his steak. I was all, dude, send it back. And he said no, I won’t, I just won’t ever come here again. My food, however, was fantastic…so I think I need this gift card so I can take a friend out to lunch. πŸ˜‰

  266. I’ve never tried one of these. I hope it’s about time!

  267. I love Outback’s blooming onions! Pick me! Pick me! πŸ™‚

  268. Sounds good!

  269. I’ll get you your margarita just as long as I can have all six coconut shrimp. πŸ˜‰

  270. ohhhhh yum!

  271. Let’s go out for a couple of pitchers of margaritas, gorgeous Mir!

  272. Count me in!

  273. Pick me!! Yum………..=)

  274. I love those Bloomin’ Onions!

  275. Mir, I read you every day. Thanks for making me enjoy life a little more than I otherwise would.

  276. Did someone say coconut shrimp?

  277. I love the bloomin onion. Pick me!

  278. My hubby is an Aussie! This would bring a touch of Australian into our lives. G’Day!

  279. margarita me πŸ™‚

  280. Love me some bloomin onion!

  281. Yummy…

  282. Just clipped a coupon for them. But a gift certificate would be even better!

  283. I love outback, fingers crossed!

  284. Outback is one of the few places my 7 year old will go to eat without complaining. I’m crossing my fingers…

  285. Wow, you have a lot of weekend readers! Love a chance to be in the drawing!

  286. Oh! Oh! Pick Me! Pick Me!

  287. These are my husband’s favorite thing ever! Please choose me!

  288. I’d love to be entered! My mom loves Outback, so this would be a great surprise gift for her!

  289. Mmmm I love food! Even better than that is free food!

  290. I swear, my dad’s ears just pricked up as I read that.

    As much as a humans ears can prick up, anyway. Apparently my dad has bendy super dog ears. (that would actually explain a lot…)

  291. We love Outback! And I am not that far away from you in Atlanta, so I could totally buy you that Margarita.

  292. Mmm… Outback…

  293. I love Outback – it makes a great girl’s night out!

  294. I want this soooooooo badly! I love their blueberry martinis, fried mushrooms, mashed potatoes, steak…well you get the point!

  295. I’m 37 weeks pregnant… I sure could eat a whole bloomin’ onion myself right now!

  296. OOOH. Now I want an onion! πŸ™‚
    Pick me!

  297. I love onions in bloom!

  298. Gotta love Outback! especially the coconut shrimp.

  299. Bloomin’ Margaritas! Whoo Hooo!

  300. Um, okay, I would lovelovelove to win this!

  301. my mom loves Outback – we’ve never tried it so pick us!!

    p.s we love you

  302. I’m not a bloomin’ onion kind of girl, but those special fries with bacon, cheese and ranch dressing might actually be worth the artery clogging they’re going to give me.

    Happy to be comment #306!

  303. Yay for contests! I

  304. Love the Outback! They always try to hand my steak to my hubby, and he’s the fish and chicken guy…

  305. Sweet! I’ll buy you a margarita, sweet pretty Mir! I’m sure there’s an Outback near you and we’re traveling all over GA for bike races in the next months…

  306. I won’t mention how many calories and fat grams a bloomin onion has, as not to spoil others’ fun, but a pitcher of margs for you and a HUGE Fosters for me would tide me over any day. Cheers!!
    Hooray #310!!!

  307. Please Pick me!

  308. Oh my goodness. We totally almost went there tonight because I was craving a bloomin onion. Had I known about the anniversary of it, I may have gone. But when evaluating the cost of us eating at Outback verses the cost of us eating at a local Mexican joint, the Mexican won out. Next time that won’t be the case if we win the gift card! πŸ™‚

  309. I love to eat at Outback on special occasions. Like Tuesdays.

  310. Love the bloomin’ onion!! And the outback chopped salad! Hope I have the lucky # this time.

  311. Oh, I’d love some steak from the Barbie!

  312. Yummy! Happy Birthday Bloomin’ Onions!

  313. Hey there Mir!! I would love an Outback gift card. It is one of my husbands favorite restaurants and he deserves a night out!! And hey, so do I!!!

  314. me, me, me! Nothin like a night out for Broke College students! ESPECIALLY to Outback…& for a birthday to boot!

  315. Yay, Outback!

  316. Onions, onions, onions – who can resist a bloomin’ onion – Yum!

  317. Woo hoo for gift cards!

  318. Hey, lots of people read on weekends! Blooming onions rock. And I’ll make you a pitcher of margaritas if you are ever in Southwest VA, even if I don’t win!

  319. yum yum!

  320. Did I make the deadline? It’s only 8:28 p.m. here- we love Blooming onions!

  321. oh yummy!! Count me in.

  322. Lovely Mir, I read you every day! My husband is allergic to gluten and there is a gluten free menu at Outback! Pick me pick me!

  323. ooooh… in under the wire! Love Outback!

  324. oooh Outback!

  325. Would love a free dinner out…

  326. LAST? but not least…

  327. Oh pretty Mir, I can MAKE you an excellent margarita from scratch… no mix here!

    I will share my yummy gooey apple stuff with you though.

  328. GAH… I’m on the west coast… its only 9:26 here πŸ™

  329. Vegetarian here, signing up anyway. 11:59 in what time zone though :S

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