I like to make. . . cookies

By Mir
March 19, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

ReadyMade Magazine is:

a sassy, mod, do-it-yourself magazine for people who like to make stuff, and see the flicker of invention in everyday objects. This bi-monthly publication puts contemporary style on par with affordability. Each issue entertains with its sharp-witted and offbeat tone while offering a practical assortment of homegrown projects for home décor and outdoor living.

I am occasionally sassy but never mod, and the only inventions I see in everyday objects involve whether or not I can bake them into tasty desserts. So. Perhaps this magazine is not for me, but if it sounds good to you, you can apparently go get a free two-year subscription over at StartSampling.


  1. Okay, I took the bait. I’ll let you know what it’s like after it arrives.

  2. What Jamie AZ said. Worth a shot, if only for the sassy part.

  3. My brother loves that magazine! I’m definitely going to send him the link. Thanks so much.

  4. It’s a cool magazine. I enjoy reading it, but have never done any of the projects.

  5. Readymade is a cool magazine– one of my favorites. It always has directions for making cool things on a budget.

    It makes me so happyto get it for free!

  6. I’ll try it!

  7. Cool, thanks, Mir!

  8. sweet. the only issue i ever read was given to me by someone who got it free, but a bunch of the stuff is on their website…


  9. I signed up for a free subscription a few months ago and have received a few copies so far. It is like a bling remake of Parenting. The ads are not for Gymboree and Children’s Place, they are for Tiffany & Co (no, seriously, that is the first page of the copy I received today) and Coach Sunglasses. The shopping sections and such are always WAAAAYYYY outide even my dream shopping list. I do enjoy reading their section on traveling with kids. They really do have interesting articles about unique family-friendly beaches and get-a-ways.

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