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By Mir
March 21, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, it’s Friday! That means that my son has had his torture devices in his mouth for five days, which means we only have… um… thirteen month and twenty-five days to go in this phase of treatment! Why, we’re practically there! (Dude, is it too early for a drink…?)

Okay, so: You need to go buy something at the Amazon Friday Sale so that I have money to pay the orthodontist because there’s some great deals to be had. Ahem.

Mother’s Day is coming up (Father’s Day, too)… and remember when I said these Philips digital photo frames were the best but would always cost a lot more? 60% off, baby. I’d snap up a couple of those right quick.

This Calphalon commercial 9-piece set is down to just $139.99 (plus there’s some special offers available when you buy a minimum amount), which has me wondering if I could “accidentally” drop some of my Circulon this morning, because dang. (Prefer nonstick? Check out this Analon set, instead.)

I am sort of in love with these mod espresso shot glasses despite the fact that a shot of espresso would wind me up so tightly my head would probably shatter.

Look, cheap shoes for the guys! And you can even pricematch at Endless—not so much because you’ll save a lot more (you won’t) but because then you get the speedy shipping and free return, if you want it.

I am mesmerized by these chairs. I don’t know why. I’m not even talking about the price; the chairs themselves look like they belong in some sort of futuristic house where everything is cubular.


Oh look, for your bistro! (I don’t have a bistro. I have a gazebo. But now I sort of want a bistro.)

Have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. Digital photo frames – great Mother’s Day gift! I ordered two. Showers of thank yous and blessings, your Prettiness!

  2. I love my Calphalon. As in, love it so much that I try not to cook much, just so that I don’t ruin it.

  3. Those espresso glasses are the BEST, says my coffee-freak husband. They actually keep the shot hot b/c of the insulating layer of air. (They also break really easily. But he gets them in his stocking every Christmas because I know he loves them.)

  4. Calphalon rocks! It’s the best cookware I have ever owned.

  5. Fabarooni! The frames are a great deal. Have a beautiful bunny day!

  6. Love the frames, thanks! Have a great Easter, Mir!

  7. Can a bistro be a casino?

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