For Mother’s Day, or just Cookie Day

By Mir
March 26, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, there’s another coupon out for David’s Cookies, which is awesome because 1) it’s a discount on a gift everyone can use, 2) they’re offering free shipping, too, and 3) cookies!

Ahem. Anyway, just use code MOM15B to take 15% off your order. You have until May 7th to order for guaranteed Mother’s Day delivery, but I bet your mom would like some cookies right now.

Or maybe it’s just that I would like some cookies right now. Hard to know.

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  1. Mir, you plan ahead! I have to admit I was really nervous when I saw “Mother’s Day” in your post. And I might get in trouble for posting this comment since my mom reads your blog too. Heee.

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