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By Mir
March 26, 2008
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I no longer have a dog, because I have children, and they are annoying enough. (I kid! I love dogs! Other people’s dogs!) Anyway, I know that a lot of people treat their dogs like beloved children, and I think that’s great except for when it comes to wear little doggie sweaters.

If you want to feed your dog premium food and treats, and you can afford to do so, I say more power to you. But if you want to feed your dog premium food and treats and think you can’t afford to, I say look over here: Right now various Dogswell treats are up to 54% off at Amazon. This stuff is all-natural and full of holistic goodness.

In fact, it’s probably healthier than what I’m feeding my kids. Maybe I’ll buy some of this for them.


  1. The only treats my doggie gets these days are the tidbits the kids drop on the floor. ;/

  2. Aw, my doggies wear little sweaters…and all sorts of other clothing. It started with just puppy sweaters because they were so teeny and shivered whenever they went outside. But they began associating clothing with playing outside, so now they beg to wear clothes year round.

    As for treats, we’ve tried feeding them homemade, all-natural treats, but they turned up their noses. Apparently they have unrefined palates that prefer preservative-laden crap. 😉

  3. I’m very torn. I normally spoil my pooch without hesitation. However, she woke me up twice last night expressing her desire to go sleep with my mother (who was in the guest room with my father) and then tried to play the “I have injured my foot” card so I would quit fussing at her at 3 am. Those do look like great prices, though.

  4. Awesome thank you! My mastiffs love the Happy Hips Lamb & Rice, Glucosamine & Chrondroitin treats- and 3 lbs for $25 is a great price!

  5. This reminds me that I need to make a trip to the pet store for bunny food, especially little bunny treats. We had to cage ours today while the cleaning people came, and they get snippy about it unless we treat them later. Snippy bunnies…who needs ’em?

  6. My poor dog was once the Princess of the House. But with two babies under 3, she’s now Just The Dog.

    It’s quite a demotion. She’s handled it with grace, but sometimes after all kids are in bed, she snuggles into my lap and I feel the enormity of the change in her life.

    Poor gal. Maybe she needs some holistic goodness.

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