If only it had told me not to go there

By Mir
March 27, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hello! Did you miss me, today? I missed me, today! I was being held hostage at a new hair salon. I went in for a cut and color, but apparently what they heard was “I have nothing else to do today and would like to hang out here for four or five hours.”

Had I only had my handy-dandy GPS unit with me… or perhaps, this one here, the Magellan Maestro 4000, which is currently marked down to $149.99 with free shipping at Amazon, perhaps the additional navigational help would’ve told me to avoid that salon at all costs.

Well, okay… probably it wouldn’t have. But I can dream. And you can get a cheap GPS unit, finally. And feel happy that you weren’t trapped in Hair Purgatory all day.


  1. My sister is in desperate need on a GPS and I’ve had my eyes out for one, I caught this too late though! Its back up already.

  2. it’s now $159.99 for me….oh well.

  3. We need pics, ya know.

  4. I wonder if I should invest in one of these before we travel this summer. Husband, of course, will insist he doesn’t need one.

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