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By Mir
March 28, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Yes, please, let’s just focus on the Amazon Friday Sale, which I can guarantee you (despite the time I spent wasting away at the salon yesterday) is cheaper and prettier than what befell my locks. (In my best Marge Simpson voice: “Now, let us never speak of it again.”)

I have no idea if this is a good price for a remote-control digital license plate frame, but I know that someone has one of those impossible-to-buy-for, owns-everything kinds of folks around who would get a chuckle out of it, so there you go. (“If you can read this, get off my bumper.”)

I still love this clock.

Rooooooowr. Pricematch to Endless for the best deal, of course. (You’ll get 110% of the price difference, so another almost-$5 off.)

I know you’re going to laugh at me, but yes, I really am considering buying a couple of these Coleman explorer belts for next years’ Easter baskets.

I am also considering the Sonic Boom vibrating alarm clock for my daughter. Who is currently dragging her way down the stairs at glacial speed.

Not exactly cheap, but a nice deal on a Sonicare toothbrush if you’ve been considering one. (Check the page for the current Norelco/Sonicare deal through the end of the month, too. Buy extra brush heads or another item and get your total up to $149, and you can save $30.)

Oh, I’m sorry… did I salivate on that 6-quart KitchenAid mixer? How embarrassing. Let me just wipe that off.

This is a beautiful carving knife set—it’d make a nice wedding gift for a hard-to-buy-for couple. (Along with a card wishing them years of happiness and joking that you hope they never feel the urge to stab each other with it. Um. Maybe that’s just my sense of humor.)

Happy Friday, all! Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hey Mir…isn’t there some rule about giving people knives as gifts? And how you shouldn’t do it? Or if you do, you give them bread, for example, and just throw in the knives as the not-really-gift? I can’t remember now (will have to call my mother). But you live in the South now, so I’m sure you could just ask around.
    best wishes from a reader deep in Mississippi

  2. Mir, just keep telling yourself, “Hair grows…. Hair grows…. Hair grows….”

  3. That clock — I keep imagining having it on my desk at school and the (many) kids with ADHD staring at it and ignoring their math. And reading. And social studies. And me. 🙂

  4. My daughter has the Timex vibrating clock… it’s nice to have her actually wake up on her own, get dressed, and come down to breakfast.

  5. Kelly, I had heard that if you give someone a knife, they have to pay you a penny, lest the knive cut your friendship, or something like that.

  6. I am so tempted to get the digital license plate sign for a family member that’s super hard to shop for, but I just know he’d either end up with a ticket or killed by some random driver he said something nasty to, so I think I’ll refrain for now. So very tempting, though….

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