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By Mir
March 30, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

There’s a couple of good GPS deals at Amazon right now…. (And because I’m posting them, they’ll surely raise the price, because that’s the sort of luck I’ve been having ’round here lately, so don’t delay if you see something you want.)

First, there’s the Magellan Maestro 3140 for $149.99, directly from Amazon. Next, there’s the highly-rated Garmin nüvi 360 for $229 through Beach Camera at Amazon.

Either one would be an improvement over my beloved GPS, which still sometimes insists that I am driving through the forest. (The maps are a few years behind on mine. Oh well.)


  1. Sung to nanny nanny boo boo:

    I finally got my garmin
    I finally got my garmin
    I’m not gonna get lost any more
    I’m not gonna get lost any more

  2. AWwwww. I got SO excited when I saw this post, I thought it was for the hand held GPS’. 🙁

  3. Husband insists he’s never going to get a GPS unit. He tells me that it’s hard enough for him to ask for directions from a person, he can’t deal with getting them from a box. I quietly snorted behind him.

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