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By Mir
March 31, 2008

I am a huge fan of the Dockers brand, even though I think it’s a strange name to use to promote clothing (unless, of course, we’re all supposed to wear it while singing “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” or actually sitting on a dock). Back when I was young (in the Paleolithic era) they only made pants for guys, but nowadays they make all sorts of stuff, and clothing for women, too. Those wild and crazy Dockers people!

Anyway, for a limited time Dockers is offering free shipping on any size order. It’s automatic—click through that link there and you’ve got it (it’ll show up at checkout). So if you see something that tickles your fancy, have ’em ship it to you for free.

As always, check out the sale section for the best deals. And I apologize if you now spend the rest of the day humming “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay.”


  1. Ah, but you have NOT left your home in Georgia . .

  2. Thanks… I’ll have that stuck in my head!

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