Free pods for your Senseo

By Mir
April 1, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Remember the deal to get a Senseo coffee maker? If you got one, you may now be experiencing “pod shock” when you go to buy the coffee for it. (I’ve been buying mine when they run deals at Amazon.)

How about a free bag of pods? Yes, that sounds great, Mir, thanks! (See, when I can’t hear you, I just make up your side of the conversation.) (Also, it’s possible I should lay off the coffee for the rest of the day.) Here you go: Take a brief survey and receive a free bag of pods.


  1. This is GREAT! I just received my excellent deal on a Senseo coffee maker. If you put a tea bag in the pod holder you get a perfectly brewed cup of tea. Now I can get a free bag of pods, too! Mir, you are the BEST!!!!

  2. Free pods!! Yippie.

    I found a deal at my local Safeway on pods one week — about $4 a bag, which worked out to less than Amazon — so I stocked up. My biggest problem is I have large cups (and an addiction) so I go through 2 pods per cup of coffee. That makes a single bag last a whole 8 cups of coffee for me. URGH.

    However, I’ve learned to watch the sales — my grocery store may be fairly cheap too….though doesn’t have the selection of Amazon.

  3. Woohoo for free pods! Thanks, Mir!

  4. Awesome! Thanks so much!

  5. I’m thinking this offer is only available to those who received the email for the survey – but it’s hard to tell! I’ve had trouble with Senseo offers in the past, they make you think you will get them by allowing your sign-up to go through, then send you an email several months later saying you won’t get them for some reason or another. But I love my Senseo, and hoping they will really give me a free bag of pods because I got the survey invite in my email.

  6. Yes, that sounds great, Mir, thanks! 😉

  7. I read this as “Free iPods for your Senseo” and thought, what will they think of next?!

  8. I got one of the those deals, and, yeah, I’m experiencing pod shock in a big way! Thanks for this offer, Mir!

  9. My girlfriend just gave me hers! So I neeeed pods! yay

  10. We’ve been buying pods at Tuesday Morning. It’s Juan Valdez brand and comes in light and medium roast. $1.99 for 18 pods! Can’t beat that!

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