A quick wagon deal

By Mir
April 3, 2008

I pink puffy heart all things Radio Flyer, in case you haven’t gathered that already. I just love the way their stuff is built, the way it looks, and, um, I like the color red.

Anyway, when I saw that this Radio Flyer walker wagon is half price ($50 with free shipping), I had to get it posted here right away, even though I am actually sitting in a conference right now.

So great is my love for you. And Radio Flyer.


  1. It broke myheart a bit to find out that all the metal Radio Flyer products are made overseas. It seems like such a pieace of Americana should be made in the USA.

    That said, the non-metal ones are made in the US. And they totally rock. Wish my kiddies were still little enough for this one.

  2. And obviously I can’t spell worth phooey before finishing my coffee.

  3. I still have my older walker wagon that was used to get my disabled daughter to start walking at age 2. I have such fond memories of it that I have never been able to part with it — even though my daughter is now 21. Maybe someday I’ll have grandchildren who can use it. 🙂

    BTW, my daughter has gotten a *lot* of use out of the adult tricycle you posted about last summer. She loves going out for long rides with her dad.

  4. If my littlest guy were a year younger I’d be all over this one!

  5. I have fond memories of the first Radio Flyer I bought for our kids. These things last forever!

  6. MIR! You rule. I had wanted to get this for my boy who turns 1 next week, but didn’t want to pay $99 for it. I love you!

  7. Yay! I almost bought this thru LL Bean for $99. So glad I waited. My 9 month old is cruising. He is going to love this! Thanks, Mir!

  8. I bought this for our grandson at 1 year and it was fabulous. He loved filling it with the toys that had to be picked up but only wanted to put one toy in, take it back to his room and return for another toy! Good deal with free shipping. It requires very little in the way of assembly if I remember correctly.

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