It’s a Chipmunks contest

By Mir
April 7, 2008
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What better way to ring in the new week than with a new contest, preferably one for a movie that will keep your children occupied for precious minutes while you attend to the finer things in life, such as checking your email or moving laundry around.

(Aim high, I always say.)

You may have seen the recent remake starring Jason Lee—Alvin and the Chipmunks are back and they’re cool enough for the big screen. Me, I’m bemoaning my precious 45s of the Chipmunks that I thought were high-tech, back in my childhood, but if they had to go modern, I guess this is okay, too.

I have three copies of the Chipmunks movie on DVD to give away, and maybe one has your name on it. To enter for a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 9th, 2008. One comment per person, please! Winners to be determined by random number generation and tidal patterns. You’ve got three chances to win, and those chances start right now.


  1. sign me up! thanks! ~alyssa

  2. My kids would love this!


  4. I have two little chipmunks that would love to watch other chipmunks on tv!

  5. Sign me up please!


  7. My kids are crazy about the chipmunks. Thanks.

  8. πŸ™‚

  9. I had Alvin slippers as a child!

  10. It would be great to win this one! My kids LOVE the chipmunks!

  11. I love the Chipmunks! Pick me (you random generator you) All Right!

  12. Please sign me up!!!

  13. Oooh! My kids would love this — we meant to go see it in the theater but never got around to it.

  14. Thanks, Mir.

  15. Awesome! We actually liked this movie a lot when we saw it in theaters!

  16. my kids want this so bad!

  17. give me a lucky number!

  18. My daughter would love this!

  19. yes! # 19 .. same as my next birthday! πŸ˜‰

  20. Cool! My girls would love this:)

  21. Such a cute movie…I told my hubby we’d have to buy it…but free would be better!

  22. Theodore is my man.

  23. Sign me up! Thanks!!

  24. I need this, so I can go to the bathroom in peace!

  25. Ooo, please enter me! How fun!

  26. Please enter me!

  27. The chipmunks Christmas songs are the best ever!

  28. Thanks!!

  29. We’d love this movie. Thanks!

  30. Haven’t seen it, but heard it’s good. Count me in. Thanks!

  31. I love contests. πŸ™‚

  32. Aren’t you going to ask us which one of the Chipmunks we’re most like? I’m a Simon, married to a Theodore, and we have two Alvins for children.


  33. Fun, I haven’t seen this yet!

  34. I know I will get lucky one of these times!

  35. The kid has been asking for this! Hope we win!!

  36. Pick me, Pick me!!!

  37. Maybe # 35 is lucky today…?

  38. So, just from seeing my trailer, my son will dance around singing “bow chicka wow wow” for hours on end!! PLEASE pick meeeee!! LoL

  39. Me + Alvin = LOVE

  40. chipmunks! chipmunks! chipmunks!

  41. Yea!

  42. We took our granddaughter to see the movie and she loved it. Yep, she goes around saying “bow chicka wow wow chicka wow wow”, but it isn’t as annoying coming from her as it was from the critters. She would be happy to have the movie!

  43. My name is Ben. I’m four years old. My mom loves your website and tells everyone she knows about it. She says buttering you up won’t help, but it gets me places with her, so I’ll try with you.

    I love the Chipmunks. They make me laugh hysterically and my mom and dad love to hear me laugh like that.

    One part my mom DOESN’T love is the Bow-chicka-bow-wohw that I do from the movie. She says I sound like bad music to a bad movie. I have no idea what she’s talking about–I personally think it’s hilarious.

    I hope I win. If long, pointless comments get extra points, we are SURE to win.

  44. The tidal patterns never seem to go my way, but it is worth a shot! Count me in!

  45. Woo Hoo! Another contest!

  46. I want this movie sooooo badly!!!

  47. It would be great to introduce my kids to the Chipmunks. I used to LOVE them!

  48. Oohhhh I hope you pick me! I love Alvin…

  49. Haven’t seen it yet but I’ve heard it’s cute!

  50. My girls would love this movie!

  51. I have THREE little chipmunks who would love to watch other chipmunks on TV! πŸ™‚

  52. pick me! pick me!

  53. Chipmunks for the kiddos….Jason Lee for me…mmmmmmm

  54. We still listen to the Christmas Chipmunks Album (now on CD – whodda thunk?)

  55. We haven’t seen this yet, but how can you go wrong with a movie with hilarious Jason Lee and cute rodents?

  56. Oh my- I would love to Alvin in my house.

  57. We rented it and my kids were so mad at me for returning it. They would love to have a copy of their very own!

  58. We saw this when it came out and my kids loved it! I want a free DVD!

  59. I’m an old school Chipmunk fan myself, but I did love the new movie! I would love to own it (but not pay for it!)

  60. But does he get his hoola hoop? Or does he even still want one? That’s what I need to know.

  61. bow chicka bow bow

  62. this movie rocks!

  63. Count me in!

  64. Hoping……

  65. You can’t win if you don’t play, right?

  66. comment comment comment

    Also, can I just say that I CANNOT BELIEVE MY FIVE YEAR OLD LAUGHS AT THIS MOVIE. Actually laughs. OUT LOUD. Something about those chipmunk voices makes everything funnier, I guess.

  67. insert comment here

  68. My son has been asking to see this movie, but I’ve been a little, um, leary of the whole thing and so I haven’t bought it for him. But, you know, if it’s FREE, then I’ll take it.
    *Kinda crossing fingers, kinda not*

  69. Ok, one of these times, I’ve gotta be a winner!

  70. Oh please random number generator…pick me!

  71. Awesome! My kids have spent many hours watching original Chipmunks videos on YouTube, so this movie would either rock their worlds or crush their souls. Hope I get to find out which!

  72. DD loves this movie and screams bow chicka bow wow every time she sees or hears any reference to it. Thanks!

  73. My husband won’t let me get this movie to be in our house, but the neighbor’s daughter has a birthday coming up…

  74. pretty pretty please!

  75. Me please.. count me in.

  76. i think my Daughter and son would love this movie i know my husband and i would!

  77. I’m game. I LOVE all your contests!

  78. My daughter would love it.

  79. Oooh! Pick me! Pick me!

  80. My kids would absolutely love this movie!

  81. “….I still want a hoooola hooop”….but I’ll settle for the Chipmunks DVD.

    Here’s hoping I’m lucky this time!

  82. I loved the Chipmunks when I was little! Theodore I my favorite! I bet my son and daughter will love them too!

  83. My kids would love this
    Thanks for offering it and thanks for the great blog!!
    You are appreciated!!

  84. Love this movie!!!!

  85. Please! My son didn’t want to take this movie back to blockbuster!

  86. This would be great, especially since my almost non-verbal 5 year old always sings “Bow Chicka Wow Wow!” and does the hip-circle dance whenever he sees posters for this movie.

  87. pick me! pick me!

  88. My four year old can spot Alvin a mile away. Saturation marketing!

  89. Yay! A Chipmunks contest! Sign me up!

  90. Alvin! Simon! Mirrrr! Please pick me! I would love to see what the Chipmunks have been up to since I was a kid!
    Thanks for another great contest!

  91. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore … love it Mir!

  92. I never win anything… πŸ™

  93. I would love to see the movie and use it as a gift for my kiddos! Thanks!

  94. My kids want this…Me, I want a hula hoop…LOL

  95. Pick me random number generater!

  96. Bow, Chicka, Wow, Wow…count me in!

  97. Sign me up! Please?

  98. *fingers crossed*

  99. count me in!

  100. My girls would love this!!

  101. My kids love this movie…I rented it this weekend πŸ˜‰

  102. I know my kids liked this movie. And I have fond memories of 90 minutes alone in my house around December. So sign us up!

  103. o.m.g. have my kids not BEGGED me for this movie!

  104. Me, me, me, oh and my kids.

  105. I’ve not seen it yet but my sister took my kid and he LOVES it. Count me in and thanks for another contest!

  106. Thanks, Mir! Sign us up for a chance. My kiddos watched some chipmunks this weekend and hubby said they were giggling a lot (I’m out of town).

  107. My son loved this movie! Pick me please!

  108. Sign me up too. πŸ™‚ THANKS!!!

  109. We saw that one and it was good. Hope I win!!! THANK YOU for doing that. πŸ™‚

  110. I have managed to avoid this remake so far, but my kids caught it recently and did indeed love it.

  111. We haven’t seen this yet, but every time the commercial comes on TV my daughter does the bow-chicka-bow-bow dance.

  112. Me! Me! Me!

  113. Love the Chimpmunks

  114. This was the first movie my little girl saw in the theater and didn’t fuss or move or even really talk..who doesn’t want to recapture that 90 minutes????

  115. Cool! Chipmunks! Please enter me…

  116. I’m in!


  118. Chipmonks are kinda pretty . . .

  119. thanks!

  120. This would be great!

  121. Count me in for the contest. Who doesn’t love a chipmunk?

  122. I can’t say as I am that enthused, they looked a little bit more smart-a** than I remember on the old cartoons. But I imagine that the little ones would love it.

  123. Pick me! Pick me!

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  125. I want to win! Thank you oh Wise & BEAUTIFUL Mir!!

  126. We’d love it, thanks

  127. My kids LOVED the movie at the movie place! I KNOW it would be GREAT to have on video at HOME! =)

  128. Maybe the random number generator will like names that start with “K” this week.

  129. Alvin..Simon…Theodore

    We love the Chipmunks!!

  130. Awesome!

  131. The boys would love this.

  132. Pick me, pick me!!=)

  133. We haven’t seen the movie yet – do they ever come to the conclusion that they should just give Dave some valium?

  134. My kids would love it…

  135. We need some Chipmunks around here

  136. My 3 little chipmunks would love this!! I’m so glad I have resisted the temptation to buy it over the weekend, now maybe I’ll win it!! Yippeeee!

  137. OMG, I would love to win this. I really want to buy it for The Boy and I was planning on it until The Man got laid off on Friday, so no spending on extras until he gets another job. This would be a lovely surprise.

  138. YES please! My kids keep singing the “chick-a-waa-waa” line from the commercial. WE HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!

  139. What the hay, sign me up.

  140. sounds great….sign me up too. my kids will LOVE this!

  141. My kids can’t wait to see that movie…

  142. My kids saw this and loved it…Naturally they are begging us to get it for them. I’m really hoping I’m one of the lucky 3!

  143. I heart Alvin, Simon and Theodore…. which makes this not as much for the kids πŸ˜›

  144. I’m in. Thanks for the chance.

  145. my kids AND DH loved this movie!!!

  146. Mir: so pretty and so wise

  147. My son would love it.

  148. I’ll try to make my kids’ day randomly.

  149. I’m in

  150. Please baby, baby baby please baby. for my baby girl.

  151. WooHoo!! Please pick me πŸ™‚

  152. My family just watched this video yesterday. We loved it and we would love to have a copy for our house.

  153. a girl name Janet would like this for her birthday.

  154. My daughter just asked me tonight if we could rent this! I would love to tell her that we could “own” it!!

  155. I have a 5 year olod who REEEALLY wants this video, so here I am…well that and Jenny at Three Kid Circus says you rock!

  156. I’m the winner!!

  157. I would love to have this movie for my grandkids.

  158. My daughter LOVES this movie…sadly, her favorite part is when one of the chipmunks sings the bad porn-sounding “Chicka-wow-wow” music. But regardless, she’d love this!!!

  159. I hope I win!

  160. We went to see it on my daughter’s birthday and we all loved it!

  161. I’ll give this a try!

  162. Ooh! Ooh! Me!

  163. My kids loved that movie!

  164. Love the Chipmunks…and this blog!

  165. This is the first contest I have entered on this site!

  166. My girls love the Chipmunks!

  167. My chipmunk would LOVE this! Thanks for the contest Mir.

  168. My kids have been asking for it since we saw it at the theatre!! Thanks Mir!

  169. I’m sure to regret entering if I win but sign me up anyway, my kids totally want to see this.

  170. My kids would love this!!

  171. Chipmunks are cool!

  172. Ooooh I want in!!! my son would LOVE this DVD. πŸ™‚

  173. my kids have the cd and would love to have the dvd. thanks, Pretty Mir

  174. I would adore getting this to surprise my boys with! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  175. My kids would love this movie. I tell them stories about my own relationship with Alvin, Simon and Theodore, but they don’t believe! The movie will also make our driving vacation that’s coming up a little less intimidating!!

  176. My four-year-old is obsessed with this movie, based on a couple commercials he’s seen. Consider me entered, please!

  177. AAALLLVVVINN! O K !!!!
    LOVE those boys!
    i’d be stoked to score this one!

  178. Me!!!

  179. Chipmunks are cute!!!

  180. My son will sing bow chicka bow bow for eternity if you let us win this movie! πŸ™‚ Amy

  181. oooh! I’d love one!

  182. My 2 year old loves it when they drink the coffee!

  183. I took my daughter to see this in the theater and we loved it, so I’d love a copy!

  184. BOW CHICA WOW WOW CHICA WOW WOW lmaooooooo my 4 yr old LOVES this movie.puts hands on her hips and does the bow chica wow wow part lmao Would love this. Gl everyone

  185. Let me say it just one more time…..Bow chick a wow Wow

  186. I loved the Chipmunks, great contest!

  187. Thanks for all of your steals and deals!

  188. Here I am, random number 185.

    Pick me! Choose me! Love me!
    Brownie points if you know where that quote comes from. :O)


  189. Me! Me! Please pick me!!

  190. Love the chipmunks!

  191. oh yea-jason lee! ~er, i mean yeah chipminks! ;D

    thanks for entering me!

  192. My kids really want to see this movie. I have no desire, but winning it would be cool.

  193. I’m all in!!!

  194. Please, random number generator, pick me.

  195. Please choose me!!

  196. My kids love this – would love a copy!

  197. comment, comment, who’s got the comment?

  198. I am sure I am the only one in the whole country who hasn’t seen this movie yet, so pick me!

  199. oooooooo aawwwwwwww!!! Chippendales!! Oh Sorry! You said Chipmunks. We love them too!

  200. I love the Chipmunks!

  201. I love the Chipmunks!! Pick me , pretty please with sugar on top!

  202. Me? I want a hoola hoop!

  203. Oh, my daughter absolutely LOVED this movie! She pretended she was Alvin for a while after we saw it. πŸ˜‰

  204. I love me some chipmunks! I would love to win. Thanks for having contests; they’re fun!

  205. Yes please! I can hear the singing in my house already…

  206. My 2 1/2 year old watched about 15 minutes of this movie at her cousinÒ€ℒs house on Saturday and I have heard about nothing else since! We desperately need a copy.

  207. My girls are very anxious to see this movie!

  208. Pick me! Pick Me! Pick Me!

  209. My grandkids would be so happy to find this on our shelves! Thanks for the giveaway.

  210. My kids loved this movie in the theater!

  211. Love Alvin and friends!! Hope to win!


  213. sign me up!


  215. I love the chipmunks. I’m a big fan of Simon.

  216. my daughter loved this movie… please pick me!!!!!

  217. “With a little help from the Love Doctor.”

  218. LOVE the ‘munks!

  219. Oooh oooh pick me!! Pretty pretty please!!

  220. Pick me!

  221. I actually thought this was a pretty cute movie πŸ™‚

  222. My daughter was just asking for this! Crossing my fingers to be the lucky winner!

  223. My kids would love this! Pick #220, oh random number generator!

  224. love that Alvin!!

  225. Forget the kids…. I adore Jason Lee.

  226. My kids have been begging for this . . . maybe the random number generator is tired of listening to them too!!

  227. Count me in!

  228. πŸ™‚

  229. Count me in too please!!

  230. Oooh, fun! Now I’m going to have Alvin’s high-pitched voice in my head all day.


  231. My DD would love this movie!!

  232. My son is a big Theodore fan!

  233. We love the CHIPMUNKS! they are just too cute!

  234. My son loves this movie! I’m sure he would love to have it.

  235. yay! Chipmunks!

  236. My son & daughter loved this movie!!! My daughter does a wonderful impression of Alvin- Bum Chicka Wah Wah!

  237. Chipmunks!! I Love the Chipmunks!! I, too, loved listening to the 45s back in the day – my kids rocked out to their Christmas album every year. I know my grandkids will love the movie.

  238. Aaaaaaalvin!!!!

  239. My mom took my son to see this movie – I missed it! Please pick me!

  240. I didn’t get a chance to see this when it came out. Pick me!

  241. My son just saw it and he loved it! Pick me!

  242. I luuuurv the chipmunks.

  243. we’d love to watch these guys!!!

  244. Popular movie! My kids loved it, would love to have our VERY OWN to watch WHENEVER WE WANT! πŸ™‚

  245. I say: PLEEASE!

  246. I have resisted seeing this movie, but winning it would surely convince me to see it! How could I resist Jason Lee?

  247. My daughter does the Bow-chicka-bow-wohw too. It sort of creeps me out – but the movie is cute.

  248. We’d love to see this!

  249. Enter me please!

  250. enter me please..the grandsons love the chipmunks!
    thank you

  251. I would love this for my son.

  252. Sign me up please, Thanks!

  253. You’re the best!!!

  254. My son is begging me for this! I will just have to hide upstairs while the kids watch it.

  255. Pick me! Pick me, oh, great random number thingy!

  256. I was a Chipmunks fan as a kid too! Would love to see the movie!

  257. We haven’t seen this yet, it would be great to win it. Thanks.

  258. Christmas, Christmas time is here… Pick me! My almost 4 year old will love you forever random number generator!!

  259. Ooooo! Fun! Haven’t seen it yet, but would love to! Enter me, twice or three times if you wish. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  260. I’ve seen “eeeek!….I’m waiting for the rinse cycle!!” and nothing else. That is enough for me to be sure the boys will be inspired by the laughs. On second thought, do I really want the movie? Only one way to know…

  261. Pick me, pick me! πŸ™‚ My kids loved this movie in the theatre.

  262. Wow, We haven’t seen it, and honestly, I don’t really want to, but I have an evil plan that I could put the movie in some day next week during spring break, and all five chipmunks would gather around the tv, and I would have about an hour and a half of blissful peace to read my book without anyone whining or asking me for something. Oh, bliss.

  263. My kids would LOVE this!!

  264. Sign me up for the Chipmunks! I have two chipmunks here who want to show the movie to Daddy, who wiggled out of going to the big theater with us!

    Also, thank you so much for your links. Through your site, I got amazing magic card trick kits to give away at my daughter’s birthday party, and cheap Liz Claiborne clothes, and a great deal on a GPS. Great job you do!

  265. I know that my hubby along with my nieces and nephews would love to see this movie.

  266. I’d love to win!

  267. Pick me! Pick me!

  268. My 7-year old was just asking for this movie the other day!

  269. Here’s hoping!

  270. Steve would like this DVD

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