Winners of the Zoobies contest

By Mir
April 7, 2008
Category Contests

The competition was fierce—after all, you all have such pleasing auras—but in the end the contest to win your choice of Zoobie pet could only yield three winners.

I went to my trusty pal the random number generator to determine our winners, and I have the lucky numbers right here.

Congratulations to Ally (commenter 399), Alan (commenter 4), and Abbey (commenter 80). Apparently you needed to have a name beginning with “A” to win this particular contest. Who knew? Not me!

If you’ve won, you’ve got an email from me asking for your Zoobie selection and mailing address, so be sure to answer that so we can get your prizes out to you. Many, many thanks to the Zoobie folks for generously donating the prizes for this contest. They’re pretty! The Zoobies, and the company!

The next contest is coming up later today, so don’t fret if you didn’t win. There’s always another contest and another chance to win here at Want Not, my pretties.


  1. That’s because you were giving away things that started with Z…get it? A-Z??? (please stop throwing things at me…*I* thought it was funny)

  2. OK, Linda M., I totally came to the comments to make a very similar joke, so clearly we are both hysterical, huh? 🙂 Mine was: “Apparently only As could win Zs.”

    (Now everyone’s redirecting their rotten tomatoes this way.)

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