Coldwater Creek, you vixen

By Mir
April 8, 2008

I can quit shopping at Coldwater Creek at any time. Really. It’s not like I need to shop there. And as soon as they stop offering 50% off coupons, I’m quitting. Honest.

But until then, you have through April 12th, 2008, to take 50% off anything in the store—even in the Outlet—with coupon code WXH3123. Talk all you want and strength and resisting, but I am only human, people!


  1. Mir you are the best- I”ve been looking at dresses there for the upcoming wedding season and I just got 6 dresses with shipping for about $10 each!! I’m so excited- thank you for the post oh-beautiful-one!!

  2. Mir, my mother will want you to know that you are very, very pretty. She was just telling me this morning that she wants to get more pants from Coldwater Creek, so you’ve just made her day.

  3. I like to buy the jewelry from the outlet to have in the gift closet for coworker’s birthdays and things like that. Thanks for the code!

  4. Wow! I had a cart full of stuff, and buy the time I finished browsing, everything was gone except for a lone skirt which
    i decided wasn’t worth it. Act fast!

  5. Ha! I literally got giddy this morning when I saw the promo e-mail in my inbox this morning.

  6. And that would be “this morning.” 😉

    Must get off computer.

  7. Well there goes Diva’s birthday present moolah. I hope you’re happy, Mir.


  8. I ordered 8 items yesterday… the order went through fine, but I got an email this morning that three of the items weren’t available. Sigh. But that leaves 5 I am still getting, and like Stephanie, it’s mostly jewelry for the gift closet. Yay!

  9. All my dresses were not in stock after I thouigh I had got them:( Super sad…

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