Outfit the kiddos

By Mir
April 10, 2008

Hey, there’s a new coupon out for Children’s Place—through May 4th, 2008, you can use coupon code S1A48 to take 15% off your total order. Shipping is always just a flat $5.

It may be time to buy shorts for those children whose shorts all shrunk in the wash at some point this winter. I know that’s what happened to my kids’ shorts….


  1. You darling, darling girl: I had a cartload over there ever since the 30% off thing started, but hadn’t QUITE settled on what I wanted. An extra 15%? I figured it out. Just bought a BOATload of cute little girl stuff: t-shirts! ruffle flare jeans! hair bows! daisy dress! socks!

  2. I waited and waited for a new code before ordering shoes yesterday– my daughter’s feet won’t stop growing! I called CP this morning, and they canceled my order so that I could place a new one using the code. Now she gets the shoes I really like, not just the cheap, okay ones, and it was like getting free shipping. Thanks Mir!

  3. Just FYI…if you sign up for the birthday club they send you a 20% off code on the month of the child’s birthday. Hooray for April and July, around here.

  4. Yay, I just ordered a bunch of stuff for my son! Polo shirts for $3.49!! I got 3 polo shirts, 3 T shirts, and a pair of pajamas for 30 some bucks including shipping! WOOHOO!

  5. bless you pretty Mir – I just cleaned out the outlet at children’s place (sorry everyone). But really, how does one pass up $6 jeans for kids?

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