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By Mir
April 14, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

We’ve reached that point in the year when all Entertainment books are just $15 with free shipping, which is a good deal for those of us in smaller cities and a downright awesome for those in larger metropolitan areas. (Yes, bigger areas get bigger books.)

If you’re unfamiliar with Entertainment, it’s a giant coupon book filled with everything from hotel discounts to buy-1-get-1 movie tickets to fast food to fine dining and all sorts of other things. If you plan to stay in a hotel or a rent a car at all this year, I can just about guarantee you’d make your $15 back and then some, making the rest of the coupons pure gravy.

It’s also a nice year-end gift for a teacher, if you’re starting to think about that. Just sayin’.


  1. Cool, thanks Mir! We got an entertainment book as a gift a few years ago, and really dug it.

  2. We just got ours a week ago at the discounted price and it is so worth it! In the Atlanta book, there are Kroger coupons that will make back your money and more – $5 off a purchase every month – and I think some of the coupons are actually for a percentage off of your grocery bill. I’ll be using those to stock up on pantry items.

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