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By Mir
April 15, 2008
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I used to say that I wasn’t one to collect DVDs—I was perfect happy vegging out in front of the television with regular programming. Well, during the WGA strike I came to believe that DVDs are sanity savers for those times when I just need to sit still in front of my friend the shiny box. (Hey, I read and work all day long. Sometimes I just want some mindless entertainment. Don’t judge.)

Of course, the strike is over now, but I still believe in the soothing power of a great DVD or four. So I was all excited this morning to see that Amazon is offering buy one, get one free on qualifying TV DVD sets. Get your favorite shows on the cheap!

They’ve got a nice mix of new and old shows, too. (Did anyone else love Picket Fences as much as I did? That was an awesome show.) If there’s nothing you need, it could still be a great way to tackle Mother’s or Father’s Day….

[Update: Sorry, link is fixed now.]


  1. Morning, Mir — The link’s not working for me. I’m being redirected to Amazon’s homepage. Is there a particular search term to use?

  2. Please fix the link so we can send a few pennies your way!

  3. The link doesn’t work for me either. Says it’s not connecting to any page.

  4. Yeah not working here either.

  5. OOOooOOOOoooo…the whole Stargate series is on there. WOOHOO!!! I can finish my collection out! Thank you!

  6. No, no, Anne. That’s a *terrible* price for SG1. Don’t pay any more than $20 a season. It’s easy enough to find at the various box stores.

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