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By Mir
April 16, 2008
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I’m not sure what the proliferation of DVD deals is about, recently. It’s like the weather is improving and the retail world is desperately waving you back into the house. “Ignore the sun! That’s not warm air, that’s, um, my oven! Get back inside!” But I’m sure I’m just imagining.

Anyway, through April 20th, 2008, there’s a big sale on Buena Vista DVDs going on at There’s over 450 titles from which to choose, and if you buy any two you get the third free! (The savings should be automatic, but if it’s not showing up properly for some reason, use coupon code B2GOBVD0408.)

Just don’t forget to go outside now and then, too.


  1. Must be that BluRay stuff or whatever. Don’t know for sure as I’m a technological Luddite.

  2. Yeah, Brigitte is correct. Now that the industry has decided Blu-ray is the thing, you’re going to see a lot of regular DVD’s going on sale. Eventually, the DVD’s will go totally blu-ray and the DVD’s we have now will be a thing of the past, kind of like VHS tapes (says the lady who has hundreds of DVD’s in her collection…sigh).

  3. Oh, just wanted to add that the DVD’s we have now will work with blu-ray players so as long as there are good deals, it’s still worth the buy!

  4. Dang, this is a bad week for my bathroom to have decided to need gutted due to mold. No DVD’s for me.

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